How to buy products and do not spend money on unnecessary – ​​Effective Tips

How to buy products and do not spend money on unnecessary ​​Effective Tips

Very often it happens that, in addition to the planned products from the supermarket, we bring home those without which it would be possible to do. And this extra cost. As is reasonable to make purchases in supermarkets look in the plot.

Food one of the largest items of expenditure in the family. We all love to eat. And products must be of high quality and fresh. Therefore, the need to regularly visit the shops to make new reserves. However, you can do it correctly, so as not to spend money on “useless” products.

To save on products, it is not necessary to starve or go on a diet. It is only necessary to follow a few rules that will help to spend money rationally.

Never go to the store hungry

According to experts, a person buys a full 15-20% less food than hungry.

Compose a list of necessary purchases

First time shopping skoroti significantly. After all, you’ll know exactly what you need, and will not waste time thinking. Secondly, you do not spend money on unnecessary products. And thirdly, save its power. It will not have to again go to the store, if you suddenly forgot to buy something.

But before you make a list of products that make up the menu . For example, for a week. Firstly, it again will save your time thinking that this is to cook for dinner tonight. And secondly, it will save money. Experts felt that the people who make up the list of products in accordance with the menu, spending on products for 20-25% less resources.

Also, try to carry out their purchases in a shopping center , where will get the opportunity to earn bonuses, use the discount cards and discounts for regular customers. Select the store, which is located near where you live. Thus, you will also save on gasoline for your car and public transport passage.

Before going to the store, check what products are already at home in the fridge, in the freezer, the shelves in the kitchen and in the pantry. It is possible that you can do to change your mind after checking go to the store. And if you go, then at least do not buy what you already have.

If possible, do not take the children to the store . After the baby is required to ask of you something tasty. If you, for example, go to the store three times a week and each time buying a child Kinder for 25 hryvnia, then for a month you spend on this trinket 300 hryvnia, and for the year 3,600 hryvnia.

Before going to the store , determine the amount you are willing to spend . Take only her, and cash. So you do not squander the extra money, even if you really want to. The less often you walk into a store, the less will spend money. So I go there is once a week, after having made a menu and grocery list.

Take with you to the store packages or bags of products . It would seem that they are worth a penny. But, buying three times a week for a package of one hryvnia, for the year you spend 145 hryvnia. Another argument plastic bags are harmful to the environment. Therefore, to have a bag of fabric is economically and environmentally.

In the supermarket take a basket, trolley instead

If you plan to buy a lot, then take malnkuyu, not a big truck. Subconsciously, our brain wants to fill all of the cart or trolley. This means that he will be betrayed try to buy more than you need. And the store is not necessary to look into those units, you do not need. Even just for the sake of curiosity.

Now tips on the products themselves

Washed vegetables are not only more expensive than dirty, but much worse than stored. Better to buy unwashed potatoes, carrots, beets.

Also it is necessary to give preference to seasonal vegetables. Autumn beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes. Summer cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini. Seasonal products, which are grown on the ground under the sun, is not only cheaper, but also more useful than those that are grown in greenhouses under the lights.

Do not buy pre-cut products

The cut sausage, cheese, bread is more expensive. Also, do not buy ready-made salads in stores. It is better to make them at home. If most of the costs for the products of the meat, then remember that the chicken bought whole, it will cost you less. And the number of dishes that can be prepared only from one carcass, a very large and diverse.

Choose Ukrainian goods

They are often cheaper. After all, the price does not include customs fees, shipping and other costs. In addition, because you support the domestic producer.

The most expensive products are placed on the shelves in front of the eyes of the buyer. A little cheaper at the hand level. Such psychological and marketing course is designed for your laziness. Therefore your choice to start is the lowest or top shelves, where there are low-cost products.

Do not pay for advertising

Products popular manufacturers are more expensive than unknown. In this latter often are not inferior quality. Hypermarkets and retail chains often make products under its own brand. As a rule, it is much cheaper counterparts due to the lack of intermediaries between the manufacturer and retailer.

And as for markets and bazaars, the products to buy best in weekday night. But the highest prices in the morning on weekends. In the market can and should be traded. Ask for a discount if you buy a lot. Also, if you ever buy something from the same seller.

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