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How to choose garden tools

The garden stores are now a large selection of gardening tools. We find out without which
it can not do this summer resident and conversely to buy what you can save.

gardening tools

For gardeners as well as for any professional important tool. At the beginning of the season we make
repair sharpening, saws, pruning, shears, hedge, trimmers, brush, cutter, shovels, hand scythes, choppers. If
the farm inventory shortages it is important to stock up on them. Dachnik necessary spade a pitchfork
weeding they substitute a shovel fan rake rake simple cultivation on short and long handles hand
scoops and vanes planting planting peg chopper for earthing up and weeding. For those who have
problems with the spine it is well established cultivator Fokine. Working part of the tool must be of hard
durable metal tool must have strong handles made of quality wood lightweight plastic or metal. In addition
to hand tools and small mechanization needed Domestic wheelbarrows lawn mower self­propelled with
better grass catcher box trim brushcutter petrol or electric. If your garden with hedges need a brush
cutter. Pay attention to the specifications and warranty periods. Cheap tools are usually disposable. Love
yourself ­ buy a quality secateurs sawing garden Hand Lopper Ax proven firm. work easy and enjoyable
with a good tool. In this case the work in the garden and the garden will replace the fitness training.

Fashion Trends

If you have a desire to get plenty of rest in the garden note the garden gadgets ­such as humidity sensor it
sends a signal when the plant should be watered box­garden and clever pot which themselves will grow
your harvest with sensors and software .
There is also a digital head which with the help of smartphone apps you need to manage the smart
controller and watered his landing while on holiday. There is a garden and sensors that give an estimate of
the humidity the temperature the amount of fertilizer and light. Such smart system not only send data
through Wi­Fi but also able to provide advice on cultivation and fertilization. WATERING appeared
repellents of insects and rodents solar maximum range which reaches 2000 meters they are especially
needed to keep an English lawn of moles. But before you buy a fancy gadget for garden think about how
much he needs and whether you will be able to easily manage them. After all for example super­modern
mower Solar like a robot vacuum cleaner sometimes brings more trouble than good ­ it requires a
perfectly flat surface area and a specific height of the grass. A break free so the mower can mow the
grass not only but also the nearby beds.

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