How to create a cover letter?

How to create a cover letter?

We have already seen some examples , create an incredibly effective resume , and now let’s turn our attention to the cover letter. Believe me , it is no less important!

How to create a cover letter?

Proper cover letter helps recruiters to pull out your resume from the gray mass of candidates. Read unwritten laws , how to make it!

1. Use a more laid-back header , than ” those , whom it may concern”

The most successful cover letters are composed in a more conversational style , than the dry business format. If you know the name of the manager on staff , be sure to use it. If not , then do not worry – this is not mandatory. If you do not have a clue , who is engaged in the recruitment of staff in the company , start simply with the phrase ” Dear HR manager!”

2. Add your personal information , which will play in your favor

A cover letter in any case should not duplicate your resume. Do not try to summarize as described in the summary of the information , just write a few lines , which will give the recruiter an idea , who you are , as well as underline , why you’re perfect for this position. Always with specific examples! Any useful additional information will help you stand out in a good way.

3. Do not be tempted to write , that waiting for an invitation to an interview

Of course , the initiative – it is quite a useful quality , but not in this case. If you’re too persistent , recruiters will avoid you. Understand , you have already expressed their interest by responding to job , so this is quite enough. Your application with a cover letter would be considered by the employer , and responsible employee decides , whether to continue with the dialogue you.

4. Stay away from standard cliches

No need to use any tricks , to pique the interest of recruiters. The cover letter should not seem intrusive spam by aggressive sales person. It should be like , rather , to a letter to his colleague. And if you use the standard clichés of the internet , believe me , your message simply dissolved in a hundred of the same , written in the same script , and never rewarded with attention.

5. Avoid phrases like ” I do go up to the job”

Along with “I am the best candidate for this position,” and other no less self-confident variations on a theme , such statements can only be regarded as ignorant or arrogant. After all, you have no idea , what you say , because I just do not know , who are your competitors. Of course , great , you’re sure of yourself , but do not have to consider themselves all-knowing. Write , what are your quality may be an advantage in this case.

6. Do not overdo it with the length

The ideal length of a cover letter – just so , so that you can succinctly explain , why you are exceptionally strong candidate for the job. Put yourself in the place and read the letter to the recruiter. Do so , that after this no one HR manager could not resist before , to immediately call you and invite for an interview!

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