how to go on a diet ? – An easy way to lose weight

how to go on a diet ? – An easy way to lose weight

One day you sit on a diet. In the morning varish yourself useful porridge lunch enthusiastically chew steam cutlet and in the evening drinking kefir. And at two o’clock in the morning you find yourself in the refrigerator with a piece of cake on a plate. Familiar? Still we are all familiar with it. But why why?

An easy way to lose weight

And because the restrictions already have and the result is not yet. And if the result is not why I ask to suffer so much? Allen Carr, in his book Easy way to quit smoking, said one of his patient who unwittingly explained why quitting smoking is so difficult. He said, Oh I could easily quit smoking if you could smoke until I do it And indeed the rejection of cigarettes this is a serious stress and that makes a smoker when worried? Smoking of course.

That’s the same thing with diets. The body perceives sudden dietary restrictions as a stressful situation and demands a dose of endorphins that is fun. A delicious meal the fastest way to get out of the stress. Now, if you could lose weight at first and then go on a diet it would have been much simpler the brain would get their endorphins in the moment when you look in the mirror to its updated figure. And chocolate would not be required. That’s why you can not lose weight but from the refuse of goodies already then? We hasten to please you you can Just have to trick the brain.

Buy yourself a small plate

Surprisingly but the fact is that we really eat the eyes. The larger the plate the greater portion. Do not get fool the brain imposing a huge dish orphan half portion even if this half your daily intake of calories you will seem that you have not gorged. But if the same portion put on a dessert plate you just filled.

And let the plates are colored and bright

On white plates food looks beautiful of course. But the problem is we unconsciously try to fill the whole white plate like paint the background images on a white sheet. But colored dishes are not already want to shade. And if it is still green then it just wants to put more fresh vegetables.

Hide the junk food

There is no need to build caches in remote places. All what you need to do is to shift delicious hazard in opaque containers or wrap them in foil. A useful and diet products in transparent packaging baggage or even leave uncovered. You open the fridge with the desire to eat something immediately and see a dark bag with sausage and next boiled chicken breast in a transparent container. Guess what do you take? That is a piece of meat. Because you saw it and the brain is already anticipating this particular flavor. Although generally you would like sausages.

Prepare breakfast in the evening

Breakfast the main problem of losing weight eat breakfast should definitely to start the metabolism and breakfast should be tight so you do not chew the cookies before dinner. But once in the morning or cook or do not want. So you have breakfast sandwich and coffee and two hours later you feel that it is ready to eat an elephant. But in fact there are a lot of dishes which can be prepared the day before. You can buy multivarku and your awakening will prepare delicious porridge. You can pour the oatmeal fermented baked milk and leave for the night it is very tasty. And if you’re not ready to give up sandwiches you can make them with baked meat prepared in advance. In general the idea is simple you wake up and you are waiting for a ready meal. The question Is not whether to buy on the way Pirozhenko? Was withdrawn from the agenda.

Let there be water everywhere

There is a very funny trick take a few glasses filled with water and put in the refrigerator. As soon as you want tasty you will discover it you will see these glasses and you will understand that actually wanted to drink. And popesh but have not become. The fact that we often confuse thirst with hunger. Furthermore we drink too much coffee and carbonated beverages which dehydrate the body. Therefore, even if clean water is not only in the refrigerator but also on the table in the office and at home there where do you usually resting. At arm’s length. You do not notice like stop drinking cola and get used to the taste of pure water.

Drink from tall glasses

The first rule of any diet avoiding alcohol. It’s horrible. And so the terms of limitations so also on the parties not to have fun. In fact alcohol can be limited and is completely transparent. Scientists have conducted a fun experiment bartenders asked to pour a standard serving of spirits in low and wide glasses and the second in high and narrow. So in the second case, even professionals with extensive experience nedolivali about 20%. The secret is simple the vertical line seems longer than the horizontal even if they are the same. Therefore, a tall glass of better low. So choose tall glasses and if you love cocktails then ask to add more ice. Serving you seem huge but actually you drink quite a bit.

Keep fruits and vegetables on the table

The secret is you never polezesh in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator for apple if of course do not gather to bake apple pie. Because in the refrigerator and on the shelves of a lot of interesting things. The cake for example. But if the washed fruits and vegetables will be in plain sight you just take something he passed. The fact is that our brain likes to engage the autopilot suddenly the war and he was tired? Therefore, on the day you day snacking same completely mindlessly take some biscuit and chew unwittingly. It would be better to take a tomato of course but it is necessary to get it wash … And now it is not necessary here it is at your fingertips.

Do not eat directly out of the package

Yes we know that you do not eat as much as possible And we also do not eat. Nothing. Also perhaps chips or crackers. And chocolate. And delicious fresh baguette from the package and even Nutella can pick up directly from the banks yet no one sees … Well you understand right? Packaging a bottomless pit because we do not see how much eat and the brain is sure that you poor thing did not fed. Get into the habit spread everything on the plate in order to see how much is eaten. By the way the chips in the light of the day terrible stuff it turns out.

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