How to learn to lie when you need it

How to learn to lie when you need it

We all know that the lie bad. And what is the secret always becomes clear. And that the best lie it’s true. Still with enviable regularity we find ourselves in a situation when the lie is necessary.

Prepare in advance

In addition to lie and not blush it is necessary to prepare in advance. The main thing most believe you speak the truth. To begin sit down and explain yourself why your lies will be white lie. Then draw in the imagination of the film about how it happened. Clearly present time the place the details the word. You do not write you remember that that was it. Fall in love with this reality. Then believe in her and others. You can also in detail to present how you going to tell.

Try to survive the future lies

Imagine yourself in a situation which is going to come up and try to live it mentally. Surely at some point you will feel the tension or discomfort. Voltage is primarily a physical reaction. Safeguard when it occurs and shoot it jump or take deep breaths. Then you will not feel awkward in the future. Do not exaggerate the scale of their lies. The more you screwed yourself the less you will naturally lie. And people tend to think more about themselves what about you and your dreams.

Train on cats

Before talking about a fictional incident Work out. Tell the same story that for whom it is not significant. If possible tie event which are going to lie to something real and build a story starting from the fact that it really is. Your version should contain a lot of details. They chained and distract attention from the main. And finally if you have to tell the truth from the beginning of the conversation agreed fatigue. So you immediately give an explanation of his uncertain behavior.

Recipe Shtirlitsa

There is nothing worse anxious waiting opponent’s reaction to your words when the truth has said and the answer has not yet received a response. Suddenly they will not believe? This pause can be filled with something emotionally significant. Overturn a cup of tea break the saucer. And no one will think about your words all will be engaged in eliminating the consequences of a minor accident. And companion memory fragments remain of this incident and not you turned pale and blushed a few minutes ago.

Believe in your own lies

This is the most important thing if you manage to convince myself that that all this is true surrounding believe in it yourself. Just remember that that white lie this is not a lie which can cause someone harm. After all you’re really honest young lady right?

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