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How to Manage Job Stress Well

Everyone wants to know how to manage work stress well including you. Everyone is sure to experience stress with different causes. But of that all that matters is how to manage it. With good self-management stress will not be a burden all day.

The number of jobs to be completed can make you become stressful and in the end you are lazy or delay to do it. Stress is a natural thing experienced by someone when he was too thinking about something.

But you need to know that actually work stress can be managed and reduced with your skills and behavior. Here are some ways you can do to manage stress well as quoted from dummies.com .

Good sleep to reduce stress

To reduce stress you should get good sleep and quality sleep. Good sleeping time for adults is about 7-8 hours a day. Although there are some of you who are used to sleeping only 6 hours.

By getting good QUALITY sleep time then you will not feel TIRED when waking up in the morning. Tired in the morning is the first factor that causes stress. Avoid as much as possible working late at night which affects the lack of quality of your sleep.

Reduces anger reduces stress

You need to practice SABAR and avoid anger to reduce the stress you are experiencing. Learning to organize the expression of anger sadness and regret is also important for you to do. The ability to manage EMOTION is very useful for suppressing your stress level and becoming a learning process of maturity.

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Excessive emotion if not accommodated will be the trigger of body stress. Before you react with the stimulants that appear it would be wise for you to twist for a moment. By reviewing the trigger condition you can give a positive RESPONSE. The impact of anger will subside and even disappear and surely stress will go down.

Know how to relax

Find out how you can relax and calm your mind such as doing MEDITATION or SPORT. Do also activities that can distract you from stress . Enjoy your time wherever possible whether in solitude or hangout with friends outside the work environment.

The common term for solitude is Me Time. Find out how and set your time to be alone. The goal is that you can INTROSPECT or search for INSPIRATION

Manage time efficiently

Use your time efficiently by creating a schedule of activities that you do. You will be able to control your own time if able to manage the time well. Use your time efficiently by looking at work priorities pareto. Time management is one way you can avoid excessive stress.

Do not worry about unimportant things

We recommend that you STAND what things are IMPORTANT and IMPORTANT for you. Try not to worry too much about something that is not important because it will only add to your stress.

A lot of work is in front of you but not all the burden of responsibility itself. There must be work that can be delegated to colleagues or subordinates. Let your team be more CREATIVE at work and this becomes a GIFT for you with less pressure.

Live as yourself

Be yourself by looking back carefully at what your PURPOSE of life is. Try to reach the goal of life so you can feel happiness. Do not force changes that are not “yourself”. Make the changes as you are and the ultimate goal to be achieved.

Everyone has different CAPACITY and WORK. Not all things will fit into us and others. You choose which one is your HOPE and DREAM and grab it with hard work and burning spirit.

Humor to relieve stress

Stress can be reduced by a HUMOR you do one example is by occasionally laughing at yourself. Reading funny comics funny stories and more will flow happy hormones in the bloodstream. One way to manage work stress by reading is CHEAP and EASY.

Laughter is a simple way of expressing feelings and if you have excessive workload try to find a situation that can make you LAUGH. Humor can be done with people close who already know each other ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR. Do not let your jokes that may be difficult to accept your colleagues. The intention of the heart to release stress it even adds to the mind when a friend does not accept your humor.

Spend time with the people closest

Spending time with the people closest to you can minimize the stress . It is because they are the ones who listen to and care for you. People close to the office or at home can bring the atmosphere off and cheerful for you.

Spend time with family on weekends visit outdoors enjoy fresh air be able to generate SPIRIT and HAPPY.

Some of the above ways you can do to manage work stress well. And by applying these ways it is expected you can overcome and manage the level of stress that arises and less often experience it. It’s also a good idea to leave bad habits and start a good habit.

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