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How to want to comfort the person who is sad or upset?

We often want to comfort the person who is sad or upset. But it does not always work. Moreover it is possible to achieve the opposite effect. Read these phrases and forget forever.

How to want to comfort the person who is sad or upset?

Take a deep breath
He already many times took deep breaths ( and exhalations). Also, count to ten he represented the favorite place on Earth and consoled myself that everything will be fine. And nothing helped.

2 – You need a vacation
Exactly Every third thought in his head is like disconnecting from the Internet and everything unpleasant around but alas for different reasons it is impossible. And thanks counselor which once again stepped on the toes about the appearance

3 – All this is trifles
For an outsider – it is possible. But all people are different strange as it may seem.

4 – Stress has a bad effect on the skin
What else is bad for his skin? Literally everything. And thank you again that noticed the age and condition.

5 – Others are even worse
An absurd attempt to console comparing with other situations. Man enough that his life problems affect him personally.

6 – Relax
Look at point 1 read paragraphs 2-5 repeat.

7 – Everything will pass by itself
It is not true No matter what happened but if you let it go you are likely to find themselves in a deep hole.

8 – Not only you have stress you understand
Of course he understands. But how will this ease his condition? That’s right no way.

9 – Sorry no time to listen

10 – You understand everything wrong
People react differently you can not turn the switch and make a person think differently.

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