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Important Behavior of a Leader to Avoid a Negative Working Culture

Leaders will undoubtedly always be examples role models or role models. The good of the leader’s behavior has a direct impact on their organization. This is why a leader is said to be a great role model when he is able to bring a positive atmosphere or culture to his organization. Leaders must be able and willing to show Modified Behavior in their daily life so as not to impose ego or lead arrogance. Leaders need to show important behaviors that affect a positive work culture within the company.

Important Behavior of a Leader to Avoid a Negative Working Culture

Gallup International’s research shows that people work for their managers meaning that someone will leave work if their supervisors are incapable and do not want to “collaborate” humanistly. This study explains that the number of turnover is not due to the performance of the company but the poor leadership.

Employees are now easily provoked by negative behavior or behavior and they will easily leave a company when the authority and freedom of decision-making are castrated. The hierarchy is now a fossil and transformed into Freedom Collaboration Transparency as NORMAL.

Here are the important behaviors of a leader so as to avoid the occurrence of negative work culture within the company.

1 – Build a Strong Personal Relationship

Talking about leadership now is talking about time allocation with your people. This is the time it takes for you to better know their more value and their potential. This time investment is not solely for your personal gain but also to build a solidity of the company’s work team.

Building on this strong relationship is not to spend time hanging out or hanging out at the cafee having lunch together always or going home together. But rather how you can see their contribution to the work or the performance of the organization. Sharing company information and values showing concern (empathy) and open discussion at any time.

A strong personal relationship is the development of personal relationships through their respective professions by filling in each other discussing each other and delegating tasks or responsibilities. Find out your Strength team make sure their Passion and find the best Gift for him.

2 – Working with Others

The general term we often hear is teamwork. Working together to form cohesiveness and deliver results is more than it should be. A good leader will work with others and apply them to the surrounding environment in order to be the same. Replication is one of the traits in good leadership. And cooperation between individuals is the foundation in the development of a solid corporate culture.

An effective way to build good cooperation with other teams is to create an Open Office workspace . This will facilitate communication between individuals or between departments. Status rank and position will be ruled out rather than issues of Innovation Creativity and Open Culture.

3 – Various Operations and Heard Many Inputs

Great leaders will love the diversity and always avoid the exclusivity. The diversity of corporate culture is reflected in the diverse backgrounds of employees education personality gender religion and others.

Goals in operational development are diverse in order to create a healthy and productive working community with many streams of fresh ideas or perspectives. This diversity will give the company a broader demographic shape discover unique talents and fair treatment to everyone.

A great leader will build a positive corporate culture be an exemplary figure role model and mediator in the development of strong personal relationships one and another.

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