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Indian and Chinese films pushed Hollywood

Indian and Chinese films pushed Hollywood

You about something say such names as The Sultan , The Cold War 2 and Big Fish, and begonia ? I think that is unlikely. Meanwhile, the two films and cartoons that have been leaders in the international box office up to the last weekend. Indian sports drama, Hong Kong police thriller, and Chinese . Hollywood cartoon Ice Age The clash is inevitable only in fourth place.

Indian Movie Sultan

Hollywood is rapidly losing ground on all fronts. I recently wrote a post about the fact that Russia, India and China are going to create their own film award as opposed to the American Oscar. Then I wrote in the comments that the Indian and Chinese cinema because of its specificity will never be able to compete with Hollywood. And what do we see now? It not only competes on an equal footing it has already won And not in home theaters, it would be clear, and in the international Chinese movies like the audience outside of China and India the audience outside India.

I see this as a great chance for the Russian film industry. I am confident that the future for joint projects. The film is about how Russia and China together mastering the moon. Actors Jackie Chan and Vladimir Mashkov. The film is about an Indian exchange student who stayed after studying in Russia and has become one of the best surgeons of Belgorod. Actors Salman Khan and Konstantin Habensky. Why not? You must use the friendly relations and close cultural ties between our countries.

All of the potential audience of the Russian cinema a hundred million Russian speakers worldwide. These are people who are more or less loyal to the domestic film production companies. But thanks to India or China, this audience can be increased by an order of magnitude And our producers are already moving in this direction. For example, next year will hire a joint Russian Chinese film Journey to China our Sergei Selyanov producer with English actor Jason Flemyng in the title role.

It is known that Bondarchuk at the time really wanted to lure in Stalingrad some Chinese movie star. It would be strange, but would significantly increase the film’s box office in China. The problem is that the fees are comparable to the Chinese movie stars of Hollywood. Simply could not agree on the money .

It’s only the beginning Western movie stars have quietly begun to go to China to work. For example, last year at the box office was Hong Kong action movie Dragon Sword, with Jackie Chan in the lead role. Guess who made his campaign? Oscar Winner Adrien Brody and another American star John Cusack. And it’s not even Chinese American project It is a wholly owned Chinese production.

global film business Center is gradually moving from North America to Asia, closer to Russia’s borders. It is time our actors to start learning Chinese. In China, demand for actors with European officials will only increase. Chinese movie star of Russian origin . Sounds like something I think it is necessary to wait ten or twenty years.

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