kissing affect our health – Interesting Facts

kissing affect our health – Interesting Facts

Kissing is not only pleasing, they are also capable of stimulating the immune system and improve your mood. This is evidenced by the WHO study, which since 1981 explores the impact of kisses on our body, writes (

disease prevention

According to scientists, the kiss is an effective prevention of various diseases. After a couple during a kiss is exchanged 250th various substances and bacteria. Because the body produces antibodies that strengthen the immune system.

Healthy nerves

Kissing can calm a person. Stress causes “stress” hormones, and kiss prevents their formation.

These hormones increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels, provide muscle weakness, balance and disrupt insulin provoke insomnia.

However, the kiss is allocated happiness hormones – oxytocin and endorphins that improve mood.

Burning calories

Scientists claim that the 1 minute kiss burns 6 calories and twice the increased metabolism. The same amount of calories you can spend a minute walk.

To achieve the maximum effect should kissing least 20 seconds.

Healthy heart

Kissing reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. From this pleasant process, the heart contracts more often (110 beats per minute). It improves blood flow in the body, blood flow to all organs and systems, normalizes blood pressure, exercise the heart and blood vessels.

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