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Living with the enemy – 6 types of home sadists

Becoming a victim of domestic sadistic much easier than you think: first, this type of behavior as a man of your dreams and then begins to manipulate you. And there is only one chance not to become a victim – to recognize the abyuser in it from the very beginning. It will be easier to do if you know how to behave in different types of household sadists. And on what grounds they can be calculated.

6 types of home sadists

This type of need so that you are in his power entirely: both morally and physically. That is, so that you literally could not go anywhere as a prisoner in a cell can not do. First he ward off from you your loved ones: to the friends he purported to be terribly jealous friends would call stupid and jealous and your family ( and my mother – in particular) do declare enemies and convince you of the fact that these terrible people dream to destroy your beautiful relationship . No of course he will not start to drive people away from you right away. At first he refuses to go with you to visit because Very tired and then ask you to stay with him because without you it sad, and you did not notice how you find yourself in complete social isolation.

And then he literally banned you at home and you can not escape because you will not have any work ( Why should you work my dear you have me Women can not be so tense sit better at home), And relations with friends and loved ones are forbidden to you.

Just a king
He is your master master and, in general, a supreme being. On the simple reason that he – man. All women in his opinion are just too stubborn slaves who want strange things . Careers for example or hobbies or freedom in all senses of the word. Women’s business is cooking cleaning and caring for children. The master himself and the ruler naturally will not dirty their hands performing this dirty work.

And then again it’s very easy to fall into the trap. Because at first the home tyrant pretending pretty helpless SEAL: ah he has no idea how to sort the laundry and even scrambled eggs he always undercooked. But you are so good at cooking my dear Home tastier than Michelin restaurant Then praise will be less And claims – more. And on one absolutely not perfect day you will get on the head with a full trash can.

In fact, the critic does not criticize you. It systematically destroys your self-esteem devaluing any of your achievements. Did you get the promotion? This is by mistake of course. You as a valuable specialist are trying to lure to another company? You need to ask for more money because there soon will guess that you’re not worth anything. Do you go in for sports and do not skip training? Well, right rock the body with a face alas nothing can be done about it …

Pretty soon, you really believe in something what are you – stupid ugly and utterly useless loser. And you should be thankful for the fact that this man is with you because who else do you need this? Only he alone is ready to be tormented with you – exclusively out of nobility. But the fact that in doing so he will make fun of you – so it’s you know this compensation. For all the suffering he feels living his one and only life with such a pathetic nonentity. And everything begins very innocently. In the spirit: I ought to get you dear, and then the priest is not the same not that …

In fact – the most common gopnik who struggles to seem like a real man. A real man in his opinion is a person who not need to control the attacks of aggression. On the contrary the brighter their manifestations, the less doubts surrounding their presentness. He knocks his fist on the table throws the stools fights screams and furiously rotates his eyes. And as you know from all this is very close to the assault. Because it’s you who drove me.

This is a home-grown sadist of the 80th left a real maniac and a psychopath. Gazlaiting is perhaps the most terrible form of moral violence because it literally drives you crazy. Gazliter will make you doubt the reality of what is happening. He will say to you: Are you out of your mind ? There was no such thing Or: It seems to you You again came up with something and she believed it yourself. He will deny the obvious. He will say that you have false memories and you probably need a psychiatrist. And you will begin to doubt yourself: maybe you really thought of everything or just misunderstood it? And then you will cease to distinguish between reality and fiction. And you will lose yourself completely.

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