Measure the temperature of your lips with the Moroccan magic lipstick

Measure the temperature of your lips with the Moroccan magic lipstick

Discover the Moroccan cosmetics!

Although at first glance this lipstick is unattractive for its green and transparent color with only a single application turns your lips in a shade of pink light pink or severe depending on your skin color and temperature of your dermis .

The main advantage of using this Moroccan magic lipstick is that with only one application you get the right shade for your skin type . Many times we overdo it with the color of the lip wanting to dress up too and others however we were short with lip makeup. With this acertarás lipstick with the tone of your lips perfectly Neither you spend or you’ll be short!
But this is not its only feature this lipstick is long lasting almost permanent and waterproof so its color remains unchanged throughout the day even it is difficult to remove unless products are used specific facial cleansing are very effective with makeup waterproof .

For all concerned this magic lipstick is one of the most typical and best sellers in Arab countries. However it can also be found in some physical stores of cosmetics Spain and of course can be easily purchased through online stores specializing in beauty even on Ebay. The price of this bar and resistant moisturizing lips is between 2.00 and 7.00 euros.

Lipsticks magical in different colors

Currently you can find this Moroccan lipstick in a variety of colors and formats to achieve the desired color lips. Each lipstick aims to achieve a particular tone though as you know comes into play then the temperature of the lips of every person .

Although all Arab lip shades range from pink red are achieved yes it is true that for example buying green Moroccan labial our lips will tend to become a pink color while if we choose the format red packaging our lips will likely become a passionate red cherry as showing the presenter Sara Carbonero pictured below.
Then I leave you a guide to point out to all the colors of magic lipstick you can find in the market and more or less the tone that you can get with every Arab sores.

I read from some reviews about these lip to ensure that dry lips in my case I can say that these lipsticks slide easily when applying yes if you have problems with cracked lips advise you before use the magic lipstick as you apply some lip balm to moisturize the area.
Although this Arab lipstick takes razing years in eastern countries think it is now when it has begun to fashion in European countries as actresses famous bloggers and Spanish as Sara Carbonero have begun to advertise on their blogs.

From Maquibella I advise you to take a look at these lipstick especially if you have problems when choosing the type of tone that works best for you your skin tone. With the Moroccan magic lipstick you acertaréis sure!

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