Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai – Geo Tv upcoming Drama Serial

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai – Geo Tv upcoming Drama Serial

First of all I will say somelines about the marriage. What is it? and what is its value in our lives. SO I will like to say that the marriage is a little world in this world which is created by a man and women. The whole world stays delightful the length of both accomplices love and regard one another and don’t underestimate things. Shazma and Muazzam live in one such world with their little girls however not cheerfully a great many. Once a lady turns into a mother her needs moves to her kids in this way Shazma is no special case, After years of conjugal life, now she just appreciates being a mother as she is a decent mother and she has overlooked that she is likewise a wife and has underestimated her marriage and Muazzam and Muazzam is additionally unmindful of his part as a spouse. Seemab a youthful, dynamic and energetic young lady goes into Muazzam’s life and conveys back shading to his ordinary and lackluster life, and sets the universe of Shazma cockeyed. What might be Shazma’s destiny, in what manner will she adapt up to new substances and difficulties of her life.

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