Natura Siberica and Alena Akhmadullina established a joint cosmetic series

Natura Siberica and Alena Akhmadullina established a joint cosmetic series

Cosmetics brand of certified organic cosmetics from Natura Siberica Siberia and the Russian fashion brand Alena Akhmadullina issued a joint cosmetic series.
Cooperation between the two Russian brands is no coincidence , the philosophy of both companies are very close to each other. Alain Ahmadullina times when creating their collections addressed topics of Russian nature , resorting to images of forest dwellers and plants in the firm prints. Natura Siberica uses the amazing properties of the Siberian herbs in cosmetics , to transfer all their power to preserve the youth and beauty of skin and hair.

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Launched in conjunction with Natura Siberica series – this is the first experience in the creation of Alena Ahmadullina cosmetics. The designer has not only created the package , depicting the main component of all the means of the series – a frosty Nanai lemongrass , but also actively participated in all stages: when selecting a main ingredient , the range of the line and flavor.
Alain Ahmadullina: “For me, the collaboration with Natura Siberica was the first experience of immersion in the creation of a cosmetic product. Brand philosophy is very close to us in spirit , so we quickly found understanding of how the issue of packaging design , and the choice of its flavor and other qualities. ”

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A new series of Natura Siberica by Alena Akhmadullina is based on natural extracts and oils Siberia. The main component – frosty Nanai lemongrass , one of the most famous adaptogens on the planet. This plant grows in Siberia and accumulates a rare essential oils , vitamins and antioxidants , in order to survive in the harsh Siberian frosts. Its main feature – is the strongest vitamin and tonic effect. In total, the series presented 21 Product: products for hair care , body , face , as well as funds for the bathroom , including such unique products , like ” Live vitamins for the face” and “Tonic ice roller against the traces of skin fatigue around the eyes” .
New cosmetic series will be available in retail stores Natura Siberica in Moscow , St. Petersburg , Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk from January 2016.

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