There Is No friendship between a man and a woman

There Is No friendship between a man and a woman

Between men and women there is no friendship. It’s just it’s old as the world and it is completely honest. But some of us always have doubts and still naively believe that here now zavedut another male. Not gay. Our author Alexander Petrukhina says why it did not work.

There is a friendship between a man and a woman

Our attempt to become great friends with wonderful male men perceived as an encroachment on their incredible sexy and bachelor fate. While we have something more frendzony and did not plan anything. And he does not understand anyway than: what are frendzony? Yes, she rolls up to me I’m irresistible!

And do not think to accept the offer Shred innocent cup of coffee if you do not perceive it as a potential object of romantic sighs.

This Shreds – the guy something good. Smart and hard-working yeah. Yes, you would have had a drink of coffee with him I promise. But he did not understand. More precisely understand wrong. Once a lady hanging around somewhere nearby of course: he wants it in his house for the most on the couch. Equip soft slippers and remote control. Dot. And any woman to find a number determined by the male brain as flirting and seduction attempt.
There is still like that incident: just a boy-friend and reveals the most. Disappears and St. Vitus dance of the tribes and the count of the spine and dyslexia moment of weakness and paralysis of the facial expressions that we the girls characterized by when we begin to close combat. A Shreds – just a friend with him, and shoulders can relax and pitched the story.

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