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Nobody loves me – what to do if you really think so

Nobody loves me – what to do if you really think so

How insulting and unjust when no one loves! You know this feeling lump stuck in his throat? Then it’s time to look into this difficult situation and try to solve the problem rather than be tormented day and night long the question: Why?

Originally from childhood

Hardly anyone surprised by the fact that most of our adult problems is formed in the first years of life. Only here’s the paradox: everyone knows about it but the do not want to try. And indeed much easier to think that the true causes of the current dissatisfaction with the fact that I’m doing something wrong, or it around to blame. Meanwhile, it is also true and something else: to be happy have a lot to me today but it is impossible to dismiss and from the past as if it was not. Psychology is one law for all: if the unpleasant past run away it will catch up if you work with him and to begin to recognize it it let go.

Constant feeling unloved real or perceived almost always the consequences of the child’s experience. Then when laid is not only our mind but also a basis for future relationships with people our perception of ourselves and others. If the child is not given the opportunity to feel like a favorite then this sense of self will then simply have nowhere to take. And here we are talking not only about dysfunctional families. The most striking illustration of the problem saying one tenth grade, My dad does not like me. He loves his adult daughter who does not smoke does not drink does not walk with the boys and a good student. Because of the parents who love just for something only if you are a good girl, you can feel the whole life unloved. If feeling nobody loves me do you remember from childhood and not just it visited you at the moment of bad temper, and it is not dissipated, even when the mind you realize that you loved, to persuade themselves, proving the obvious, senseless, and blame is harmful . It can only help the psychologist.

Too good

She’s so wonderful! Why is it so unlucky? Surprised your friend. And vied with each other describe your advantages: nice appearance ability to cook and a fair career achievements. And every word the truth but you cry at night from loneliness because next to nobody there. Possible cause you’re too good for those who choose. Men are hard for you drag them subconsciously hate to compare myself with such a successful woman and they run away. Do you want to change Review your life experience understand why did you choose such men. Finding the root of evil perhaps he too as a child, you’ll be able to cope with the problem.

Again, he did not

If the conversation with the hated the girl often turns out that she has fans and sometimes not phony, and loyal and faithful. Some are invited to a movie or restaurant others give flowers and gifts and even childhood friend is always ready to come in and do a man’s job at home and completely disinterested. Sometimes confidence in their own unloved does not disappear and the married ladies and really loved their husbands. And the reason is simple: Do not dislike and dislikes. And who? Of course he the same main love of his life. This can be a man to date for example, ex husband which recently split or a phantom from the past. The details are different. Sometimes beloved is idealized Only he was the most most most and had all unimaginable perfections, and sometimes it is a really extraordinary man to whom and in the heart and in life it is difficult to find a replacement. Otherwise, tired of this even not love obsession for a long time she decided that her ex beau kind words are not worth it. She is fully aware of all his faults and … can not do anything. Then take a long hard work: think whom and why do you love? Listen to friends and relatives who have long been asserting to you about his unreliability and bad character. Perhaps you yourself know it. Take a sheet and write for that you love him. It is likely that the feelings you have no no there is only regret it feelings loss. Is it not better then choose someone more worthy? However, if the image is unique not only obscures the real people but even the desire to build a relationship with someone else then all the cruel reproof villain did not help. Or helped but not completely. Way to new opportunities is closed. It is more difficult if your ex was endowed with a variety of valuable features for you. In this case to permanently erase it from memory, and to find a new man of her dreams you will need a resource. Is this possible? Yes but it will take work with a specialist.

Is this love?

Each of us has their own idea what is love and their wishes to the package, in which we want to obtain the precious feeling. For some, it is a delicate and careful attitude to each other for others a sincere desire to be involved in all the problems of a loved one all to delve into around to help. But a pair of two similar halves will be difficult to feel satisfied with the relationship: delicate to be considered that his inhibit Is it possible to talk about love with such expansion!. And help will feel that it constantly reject that a loved one to him nothing tells the story of his life Is this love when there is no trust! . And in this pair every miserable! To find harmony can and should look for those to whom a form of love matches. But for this we must first understand yourself. The chances of getting it what you want increase many times when you know what you want. Therefore Spend time on it to formulate and write down on a piece of paper so reliable that you think is a manifestation of true love some words and actions you expect from a partner. The more specific the description the more chances to get what you want. For example to earn a lot and he spoiled me, will not do write how many and all mischief by name.

They do not like and then I

The trouble is if from the unloved you’re trying to capitalize. The trouble in the first place to you, in which case you will not solve the problem because do not want to really leave her. Then the bitter feeling of a trap with sweet bait. And now you are finding excuses any unseemly or just harmful actions. For example you can not look after themselves do not care because I have no one, who cares how I look. Or to be negligent towards their health I die no one to cry. Or constantly whining or being rough with others I have a hard life so I am broken. But the logic of I feel bad then I am entitled to all makes life much the same like alcohol or drugs. That is, at first glance much but in reality bringing incomparably more harm than good.

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