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How could not it become worse to share you problems

How could not it become worse to share you problems

Sometimes that he shared with a close and got worse. It seems that you and listened to and participation shown and it is not so.

Why is this happening?

When a person shares his experiences he is most affected by the devaluation of the problem. they say nonsense relax business is everyday. At that point, it seems that you just do not take seriously. After receiving a response the next ” just stop bother” you feel that your difficulties and emotions detract and do not consider important. No less offensive is the offer of assistance ” with the condition.” “I’ll give you some money but the promise that your husband does not receive a penny from them.” “I will help with the work
but do not put it off until the last day. Authoritative advice on top presses if the counselor is asserting itself over the role of the teacher than worried about you.
In difficult times you do not want to hear that you – a strong intelligent brave, and will overcome all. Subconsciously, this is perceived as you are able to solve your problems without me.” And the best support is the words ” I’m with you” and “you can rely on me.”

But it is possible that we have heard may differ from the source said. Before you take offense at indifference think about whether the person has understood what you had in mind? Did you explain the importance of the problem or conceal the pain and sadness with self-irony? Sometimes in order to get support you should ask for it directly: it’s hard for me please be there.

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