Do not Stop Working if you are not ready to become an entrepreneur

Building a business is always hard work, no time and no boundaries, but once you have found a high level of commitment it will often be the key to success. Test your ability by looking at the extent to which you have the characteristics of a prospective entrepreneur and study your Characteristics Ready to Become Entrepreneur (If not, then Do not Stop Working).

Do not Stop Working if you are not ready to become an entrepreneur

Some business owners claim to be committed, but seem to quickly look to others for making difficult decisions, or some external factors to blame for challenges. On the road to success, money is always a hindrance to you.

Some argue that success always talks about “Blessed Talent” or even just Luck. But in fact the billionaire Mark Cuban on his blog stated that it takes Commitment and Hard Work to get all the advantages of his luck. When he started his first company, Mark worked regularly until two in the morning reading about new software and worked tirelessly for 7 years without a vacation.

Even after years of running his company, retiring, and back again, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was still in the office at six in the morning and staying until seven o’clock. Schultz even spoke to overseas employees at night from home. She went to the office on Sunday and read an email from her thousands of employees on Saturday. That is what is called Commitment.

On the other hand, you will often hear from people who “Want” to be Entrepreneurs, who dream of being your own boss, and working independently by running your own business. If you do not have the mindset to fully commit to all these wishes in order to have your own business, you would be much happier if you take orders, and receive salary from others. Then … Make Sure Your Commitment to being an Entrepreneur and while if the mindset is not there yet, has not been created or even thought of, then Do not Quit Your Daily Work .

From the experiences of beginning entrepreneurs or senior entrepreneurs, to your own calibration process, here are some indications of what you need to really believe in being committed to becoming business professionals and business leaders today:

1. Actively proclaim Leadership and Responsibility.

The most successful business owners do not hesitate to ask for advice, but will not dream of letting others make the final decision. They only blame themselves when things go wrong, but quickly try again, and never give up. They do not like to share awards or responsibilities.

2. Shows a passion for business continuously.

Business owners who are committed to their idea, and you can hear commitment in sound and dedication. Often they connect their work to higher goals, such as changing the world, not just making money. The challenge is certainly how you find facts and structures to validate those desires.

3. Do not look for Business Value confirmation repeatedly.

In business, you will rely on yourself and will be quite lonely at the top. If your soul is the one who always needs regular positive feedback, and pay the equivalent salary to stay motivated, then you need to find a real job instead of working on entrepreneurship. The best business is always innovative, which means exploring the unknown areas.

4. Give priority to business demands rather than social values.

If you find yourself unable to remove thoughts from your head about work at the end of the day, then that is Commitment. Social relationships are important, and you need to clear your work from time to time, but if your social priorities are at the top of your list, then you will not like the role of being a business owner. Social commitment will be defeated when you become a Business Owner another case if you still want to receive payroll then Do not Stop from Your current job .

5. Gain satisfaction from solving business challenges.

Some people need a predictable schedule, either for personal reasons or just for peace of mind. While the Entrepreneur must be more flexible, and assume there will be long working hours. If you are annoyed and unhappy with an unexpected schedule in your business, you may be involved with a business but you are not committed. And if it’s still a wedge, then it’s best once again, You Do not Stop Working .

6. Never find Time or Pleasure in a real vacation.

Most business owners I know do not remember the last time they had a “real” vacation (without bringing their work). It may not be healthy, but it illustrates the level of Commitment of your competitors in the market. Many businesses see Trade Shows or Business Exhibitions as their holidays.

7. The idea of ​​retirement shows boredom.

Most employees who are involved in the business always work hard, but they still hope to retire or Stop Working. The most committed entrepreneurs will not think to retire, even if they generate millions or billions of current projects. They love to work more than just retirement, and can not wait to start their next business.

Being an entrepreneur is often staying digadang as the current jargon. Have a lot of time, freedom of action, flexible time and self-target. But being an entrepreneur is a Great Commitment indefinitely and tirelessly. Hard work will happen any time, no longer time 09-17 but it is already 24/7. When your commitment to become an entrepreneur has not been formed, then you should not Stop Work from 9 to 5 every day.

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