Ora-pro-nobis – Benefits and properties

Ora-pro-nobis – Benefits and properties

Ora-pro-nobis from the Latin “pray for us” is a climbing cactus with leaves. It has thorns and can be used in hedge rows developing well both in the shade and in the sun.

Ora-pro-nobis - Benefits and properties

Originating in the Americas are native varieties of this vegetable perennial rustic and resistant to Florida’s drought in the United States the Southeast region of Brazil. According to popular tradition the name would have been created by people who gathered to plant in the yard of a priest while he prayed in Latin: Ora pro nobis.

It is believed that the large-scale cultivation of ora-pro-nobis could represent a revolution in food resources of humanity due to its easy cultivation high production and high nutritional value.
It is a vegetable rich in iron helps heal the most serious anemias. It is used as oregano in the form of dry leaf and ground. Also used in the preparation of multiple flour nutritional supplement in combating hunger.
Its leaves are rich in mucilage which contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine.

The dried and ground leaves are used in different recipes especially in soups omelets pies and stews. Many people prefer to consume the raw leaves in salads accompanying the main course. Others use them as a mixture to enrich flour pasta and bread in general. It is served daily in the historic cities of Minas Gerais where the plant is more popular.
There is also the use for the production of honey and has 25.4% protein and is therefore known as “poor meat” vitamins A B and C as well in addition to iron minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

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