Power of the Mind – Secrets of the Occult

Power of the Mind – Secrets of the Occult

Power of the Mind
Can the human mind affect the universe, control the environment or even the time? Scientists continued where occult practitioners stopped and sought to solve mysteries that magicians have long tried to understand. Seventeen March 1863, John Pellan leads his troops into battle Palles-ford Virginia. Pellan is remembered for his courage but this was his last battle. More than a century later in Illinois, Margaret Berret feel a terrible pain in the head. Had this nurse mid-western and major civil war some connection? Margaret believes that was the major in a past life. Although most doubt, men like Isaac Newton, Galileo and Carl Yung are responsible for some of the greatest advances in science that were once considered mysticism. How to know if the things we see today as supernatural and inconceivable not show how completely legitimate science here 50 years ago?

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