How to protect the car on a wet road?

How to protect the car on a wet road?. a special topic of conversation among the experienced drivers. Everyone knows about it because even warned in a driving school that driving on wet roads requires special attention. Here are some tips on how to drive on wet surface.

How to protect the car on a wet road

Even drizzling rain worsens the tire grip what can we say about the rain. The higher the vehicle speed the clutch worse. During the shower grip deteriorates at about five times in comparison with the dry road. The important role played by the quality of tires. The worn-out tires the less grip.

The first and most important advice at the beginning of the rain – slow down and do not make sudden and unjustified maneuvers. Second Council refers to the early preparation of the vehicle. We are talking about buying a summer tire with a pattern that effectively disperse water. Pay attention to a wide asymmetrical pattern. What is important is the level of wear of the tread: not less than 5 millimeters of residual tread depth. Of course the tires should be inflated but not pumped or adhesion deteriorates.

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