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Belgrade is full of free space, or at least so it seems. If you are planning to organize a celebration, club rentals for parties, birthdays or any celebration you will agree it is very important to choose the right one. The catch lies in how to choose the right club for the party . In this video of one of the piles of clubs that promote the internet and social networks, and which is normally hired me to write this article.

renting birthday club

I went to Club Exit, visited and saw him. At first glance it looks decent, the lighting is high quality music in the club is appropriate to its potential visitors, the lighting is superb. Looks like a modern discotheque, which is rented for all types of birthday parties for teenagers or adulthood and celebrations. It is located within a shopping center at Autokomanda, next to Duff’s. Now you will be a little harder though to approach the mail works were underway at Autokomanda, but this club rentals will definitely delight.

Now, what is included in the price of renting the club?
The price includes staff: bartender, DJ, several security people.

How many guests Exit club can accommodate?
The bigger club area of 90 square meters can accommodate about 70-100 people, a maximum capacity of Club Exit 120 guests.

What has all of the music DJ?
All the music in the club DJ deserted from the computer and there is always music to everyone’s taste.
They have a database of over 20, 000 songs, there is a chance that when you want a song and that they do not have. Parties and birthdays are their specialty so that the music does not need to worry. However, just in case DJ agreed in advance with the music revelers. If you want, you can also bring your own songs on a CD or flash memory. You can make yourself a list from beginning to end party at home, although it’s not really advisable, simply is not good that the music is pre-ordered. DJ’s here to feel and make the atmosphere.
Muzicke cabbage to meet if they fit into the concept, and if you do not fit fulfill only if they come directly from the revelers:)

Do you charge images that make a photographer?
Images are free of charge. Imaging is included in the room price. Photographing will be to taste or spontaneous parties and eventually will be posted on the Facebook page of the Club EXIT . Thus, this unique event will be immortalized and will remain as a nice memory.

When club Exit can be seen?
Showing club is required and mandatory minimum schedule a telephone 3h before – because the team was not always open. Showing exclusively for guests who are watching the club a timely schedule.

In the end, if you need for the party renting the club , regardless of whether it comes to a children birthday, 18th birthday or the age of majority, or any other event, Club Exit is the right place for you.

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