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Resolution improves the Company and Yourself

Follow the resolution step to improve the company and yourself, in this simple way so that LEADERS will be better, and will be your best year. The beginning of the new year is a great opportunity to improve – and your company. And indeed the path to improvement is easier than you think.

Resolution improves the Company and Yourself

As time passes, and you begin to be hampered by a seemingly endless new project, and sometimes it’s easy to sacrifice long-term progress to achieve short-term victory for both you and the team. The company was built to grow and grow in LONG-TERM, even though it all started with short-term targets, and small steps in every line of organization.

Any time you, especially entering the turn of the year, will enter in New Year’s resolution mode, and here are the resolutions to think about in order to improve the company and yourself as you enter the new year.


Office environments where things are often ASKED and DENY tend to provide better results – although sometimes there are more SLOW results, but they are more GOOD. The Diversity of OPPOSITE and POSTESS makes the product better, and the best way to blend it out is very simple: LISTEN.

Hold your desire to provide a quick ASAP to anyone’s feedback – even if you did not agree at first. It only takes one FOUR REQUEST to make a FEAR worker that they are not being heard.

The best office dynamics are where your employees not only feel POSTED to provide OPINION, but also they know that management is LISTENING. And creating that atmosphere is not as difficult as you can imagine. Enhance your company and yourself starting by LISTENING every human being in the organization. Besides you practice being a WISE PERSON, it also makes them BE BOUND and INVOLVED in the company.

2 – Understand the BOBOT of your words.

Google Authority Eric Schmidt has good advice for CEOs and other influential executives: “Pick your comments wisely” . Words can change a person, GOOD or BAD. You can see from the many employees, how they are motivated or motivated because of words or phrases from the boss or colleagues.


In a meeting setting, if you are RECOMMENDED on any topic, your employees will never KNOW which IMPORTANT is for you. Likewise, when meeting with your employees, avoid coming to their desk with excessive IDEA. If you mention five different OBJECTIVES, then you risk making employees take too much in the EFP they complete the task.

Instead, think about the most important thing – and just say it. Understand that you have an obligation to be CLEAR, and you will be rewarded with PRODUCTIVITY. 1 or 2 of your best ideas is enough to be a hard effort employees give IMPRESIF results. So the resolution process improves the company and you will walk SIMULTAN and SELARAS.

3 – Schedule LUNCH with your employees.

Depending on the size of your company, it may be very easy for employees to feel neglected by management. To start the new year, take your time and other management to make sure that it (the neglected feeling) does not happen.

If possible, schedule a lunch meeting with each of your employees. If that’s not possible, then try to group by SECTION or DEPARTMENT . A small face-to-face walk away, and you may be surprised by the conversation that occurs because of the simple lunch theme.

When you visit a representative office or branch office, it feels good enough if there are invitation sheets sent to all employees for lunch together. Communication process in this way is EFFECTIVE enough to build a TRANSPARENCY culture.

Your employee can ask everyone to bring in three questions and two FEEDBACK. This lunch will trigger SUPERIOR IDENTITY and CONVERSATION, and also presents an opportunity to be open about recent management decisions.

While you are doing a meeting with employees, schedule also some meetings with yourself. It is a SELF-EDUCATION process to organize and prioritize your goals. Contemplation can be done at least weekly, to keep your priority agenda in check.

4 – Allow you to respect Yourself.

Nine out of 10 people might tell you that they prioritize their FAMILY first. But how many of them CONSISTENTLY go home in time to have dinner with their family?

This year, it can be a resolution of improving the company and yourself. Quite logical if you cut off work hours and leave the office during the day. Brave “finish” attitude of the work is the process of self-maturation, so you do not dissolve and drift with routine. It also becomes the process of improving your leadership within the company.

Likewise dedicate time to your personal health. Start with sixty minutes each week for exercise, meditation sessions or anything that can improve your PHYSICAL and MENTAL health.

Things like the right NUTRITION, enough exercise and sleep may seem elusive, but allowing enough time for your health will be a long-term dividend – whether inside or outside the office.

5 – Read the new BOOK every month.

There is one comment in the forum that almost all great leaders and executives have in common: They are all GREAT READERS.

Growing and diversifying your bookshelf will help you think about the INNOVATIVE approach and can open your eyes to a perspective or STRATEGY you’ve never considered.

Adan can constantly incorporate his own ideas and apply them to the company on ideas you read. An example of a new book called Learn or Die by Ed Hess can give some great ideas on how to change your LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT program.

Do not limit yourself to guidebooks or philosophy books. Elon Musk appreciated a novel FIKSI ILMIAH as one of the books that helped her to shape the VIEW. Oprah Winfrey calls Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” one of her favorites.

Open 12 new books this year, and this year probably the most OPEN your EYES. The resolution step of improving the company and yourself is an important step for COMMITMENT and CONSISTENCY to be sustainable.

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