SES remains the leader in the development of HDTV

SES remains the leader in the development of HDTV

SES retains leadership in the development of high definition television (HDTV) remaining the largest platform for HD and Ultra HD (UHD) the press service of the company.
In 2016 the number of HD TV channels on SES satellites increased by 7% to 2495. To date 33% of all 7538 channels on SES satellites are broadcast in HD on SES satellites there is 27% of all HD channels around the world. In addition more than 60% of all TV channels on SES satellites are currently being broadcast in the MPEG-4 compression standard.

The continuing trend of increasing HDTV penetration in Europe is a key factor in the overall development of the HDTV segment of SES – the number of HDTV channels has grown by 14% to more than 750. This figure is reinforced by the growth of the HDTV segment in the Americas.

SES also maintains a robust growth momentum in the signing of commercial agreements currently providing 21 UHD television channels compared to eight TV channels a year ago. Today SES broadcasts about 50% of all UHD TV channels that broadcast satellite broadcasting around the world.

The acquisition in 2016 of RR Media and the subsequent creation of the MX1 through a merger with SES Platform Services has become the foundation for SES’s unprecedented development of HDTV and UHD TV channels throughout Europe and North America and further expanding the SES video business in all fast-growing markets.
The launch of SES-9 and the further development of the HD and Ultra HD SES segment have also become an important factor supporting growth in Asian markets where the company uses its differentiated strategy. The launch of SES-10 and SES-15 satellites this year will provide further growth potential for the countries of the Americas.

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