shifting the priorities of global companies in innovation

Innovation can not escape in the growth of the world which is increasingly moving dynamically in all areas of life. World companies will always put forward innovation so that it will still exist in their industry and always ready to fight in the world business competition. In light of these conditions many of the world’s global priorities are shifting priorities on matters related to business innovation .

shifting the priorities of global companies in innovation

According to BCG’s tenth annual survey to innovation executives there are revealed four key areas of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. What’s in the minds of these innovation executives? Four interlinked themes appear in 2015 according to BCG survey to 1500 senior innovators from around the world:

1. SPEED-Speed

Too much time is required in development is the most frequent constraint to generating return on investment innovation. In addition between 2013 and 2014 no success factors are most associated with the growth of innovation other than the speed of adopting new technologies. The speed of your company in adopting technological developments will facilitate the innovation process running. Evidence of adoption ability is already proven by the increasing number of companies that fall when not ready with the concept of O2O Online to Offline was otherwise Offline to Online .

In addition to the company’s desire to adopt new technology no less important is the ability and willingness of corporate actors to the lowest level to do the same accept and adopt technological changes.

2 – LEAN-Slim

Initially associated with manufacturing lean techniques are increasingly being adapted for a more creative scope of innovation. Strong innovators in the second to third experiment will be more likely to embrace lean principles than their weaker counterparts. The concept of LEAN can be facilitated by the adoption of comprehensive technology so that one person will be able to work effectively even with to do list quite a lot. The Lean Organization concept begins in Strategy Management not only in the manufacturing industry by replacing human functions with machines but also with other service industries such as Customer Service through Online communication or Centralized Video Call.

3 – Technology Platform

New technology will certainly accelerate the pace of innovation and enable new approaches to industry players. When executives are asked which factors are related to innovation will have the greatest medium-term impact in their industry then the most cited technology platform. Technology has certainly helped in the acceleration of business processes such as video conferencing will facilitate communication between the center and the region without having to spend time and energy to come.

4 – ADJACENT-Near Innovation

One of the common characteristics of organizations that consistently occupy the list of the most Innovative Companies is their ability to innovate equally well in the core business market and the adjacent business market. This is a balancing act that many established companies will find challenges in their business trips but it’s one way to become a master in their field.

Global companies will always put forward innovative processes in order to always survive in the business industry arena. Global companies listed as innovative companies have made a Priority Shift with respect to Innovation in their strategic management. Speed Downsizing Technology and Business Alignment are the factors that are their primary concern in business innovation.

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