Most strange rules of the road in the world

Most strange rules of the road in the world. Some items of traffic rules seem rather strange to Russian drivers. For example the need to move around during the day with the headlights switched on. But if somewhere there is truly unusual and rules it is in the USA.

road rules

In the state of New Jersey is prohibited frown if at that time the driver looks at a police or traffic. In Missouri you can not use when driving sound signal the other car. In Massachusetts the driver will be punished if the monkey is sitting on the back seat of his car. In Oklahoma it is forbidden to read comics while driving. And in Ohio and got to passengers – they are not allowed to ride on the roof of a taxi car.

In Montana punish those who carries the sheep in trucks. In Pennsylvania drivers in rural areas have to stop every mile and produce flare. However this law can be explained – signals repel grazing animals along the roads.

There are strange laws in other countries. In Spain the drivers who wear glasses are required to carry a second pair. In Luxembourg each vehicle must be equipped with wiper regardless of the presence of the windshield. And in Georgia it is forbidden to ride on the playground.

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