The Boss should know 3 Things about Building a Sturdy Team

The things that counts a boss in finding and recruiting the best talent and keeping it into a prolonged discussion. Starting from the generation where the talent is and from which generation the boss is from. From a variety of top management level discussions a big picture can be drawn how a boss can build a strong team while keeping it.

The Boss should know 3 Things about Building a Sturdy Team

1 – Employee Engagement is always associated with the Manager

You may feel a warm culture in a room and you can also feel a problem in that culture. a manager needs to know and should be able to feel it and a leader needs to encourage managers to take responsibility for addressing issues openly.

Company officials can create initiatives in corporate culture but if management is not supporting it it is difficult to achieve what is desired. Managers need to teach and communicate and take on the role of how people feel. They need to build relationships with staff speak and listen. Those managers need to promote the climate in a healthy way. Managers must create a fun atmosphere and ensure every achievement of their people will gain recognition.

2 – Employee Engagement is a real measure of time

If you wait for the survey results to measure employee engagement then you miss the real moment because the results of the survey can only be known after some time is overlooked. Employee engagement is always real-time not a long-term analysis but a real fact in front of the eye.

Large companies have managers who see engagement as a real-time measure . They pay close attention to live reports of behavior reactions and interactions. They have a beat on their team and high attention to the engagement of everyday employees.

3 – Employees are responsible for the brand

When talking about a company’s brand and whether ownership lies with the Marketing Team or the HR Team we need to believe that the employees are really responsible for the company’s brand. Passion or Desire attitude work ethic and engagement can make or break a brand.

We need to treat employees like clients because one day they can become customers. Employees do not stay in the company for a long time. They do not forever survive just for a gold plaque 25 years of service. Employees “will” leave the company and “maybe” some come back. All you have to remember is that employees past and present always represent the brand . We need to treat them like their last day as we treat them on their first day.

A boss needs to understand and care how to treat their team so as to build a strong force to maintain long-term relationships. Your current employee may be a time to become a consumer otherwise you will become a consumer of your company and connect with those who still survive. The mandatory thing a boss needs to know about building a solid team is a real-time personal relationship to always lift the company’s good name together.

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