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The Differences of Busy People and Efficient People

Most people think that busy people are people who work efficiently and do a lot of productive things. In fact, that opinion is not completely true. Busy people are not necessarily efficient in doing the job. While efficient people do not necessarily work all day non stop. That means, busy people are very different from efficient people.

Reported from the Brightside page, there are 13 differences between busy people and efficient people. Check out the full comparative analysis reviews below.

The Differences of Busy People and Efficient People

Do Not Always Open
Busy people always leave the door open, while efficient people do not always open the door because efficient people are very selective in answering the person who knocks on his door.

Easy to Answer ‘Yes’
When you receive invitations from other people, busy people are very easy to say yes. Conversely, efficient people do not readily answer ‘yes’ because he is worried that his time will be wasted.

Set Priority
Unlike busy people who have a lot of priorities and consider all these priorities to be just as important, efficient people have little priority.

Have a Mission
Despite the fact that busy people do not have a big mission in their lives, but he acts as if he has it. Meanwhile, efficient people really have a great mission.

Not Critical Action
In action, people are busy doing it without thinking, while efficient people think first in order to be on target.

Multitasking Not Sure Need
Busy people tend to be multitasking, while people efficiently focus on one very important thing.

Influencing Around
People are busy influencing their surroundings to get busy. Efficient people also influence their surroundings to take advantage of time efficiently.

Announcing Busyness
People are busy announcing busyness to others. While efficient people will show the results of their work without the need to tell before.

Fun Everyone
People are busy trying to please everyone. On the other hand, efficient people only please important parties, like for example their clients in the office.

Do not have time
Busy people never have enough time in their lives, while efficient people spend time on important things only.

Needs Advice
When completing a job, busy people need the advice of others, while efficient people can solve them effectively.

On Answering Messages on Mobile
People are busy answering messages on the phone quickly. Efficient people are cautious in answering for answers to be effective.

Talk Change
People are busy talking about their life plans, while efficient people continue to thrive in their lives.

That’s 13 differences between busy people and efficient people . From these reviews it is clear that busy people and efficient people are very different. Busy people will always be filled with routines that can be a burden in everyday life. By being an efficient person, of course you will be able to become time constraints, limited mind and energy managed to reach the dream.

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