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Why do we think that age prevents us from changing our lives?

It’s too late to change something, At my age it’s impossible and I’m already familiar phrases? We are often afraid to change something in our life because it seems to us that it is already late. But it’s not about age because some people lateit’s at 30. So what’s the problem then? And most importantly what to do about it?.

age prevents us from changing our lives

One woman has a dreamto study as a lawyer / artist / doctor / writer / paste. But she’s forty with something. Or thirty with something. Oryes it does not matter to heralready somehow. Already a lot. It’s too much. The figure can be any. And she’s scared. She asked in social networks forums from strangers ( friendszaklyuyut) What do you think I’m not too late? I will not look stupid? She answered It’s not too late Cool idea You can do it go ahead If you knew as I want to so she bought.

Because it happened incredibly important thingshe admitted to herself that to this day living someone else’s life and now wants to live his. How many women dare to such a confession? At leastfor recognition.

The second asks, Tell me if I do aunt thirty I’ll start to bike / scooter / moped it will be very foolish? The third shyly says shopped here frivolous shirtgirls 45 is not too strange is wearing? Fourth I want to move to a big city but I already (I need to insert it) for years I’m afraid it’s late pure adventure That would be 20 Fifth I love making dolls but this is some kind of nonsensein 50 it’s embarrassing seriously doing this tea is not a child.

There are thousands of them. Hundreds of thousands. It seems to them it’s too late to change anything. Start again. Reconstructed. Short hair. Go far. To sell damn it dream. The scale of the changes is secondary to whom and the sneakers with the dressunthinkable foolhardiness.

But the change in life is very similar to the change in school right? Transitional phase between the lesson passed and not yet passed. The change to learn the next lesson. Changea resource for knowledge. Including myself.

When you infinitely sit in class say math ( which can not stand), you never know it could be after the literature. Or astronomy. Or something else exciting. And you are stuck on the multiplication table and you are just about to vomit. And the desk here is too lowthe knees rest. But to leave the usual audienceoh I’m afraid.


What are we afraid of? Where does this fear of doing something fresh untested come from ?

Why do we so need confirmation from the side You will manage it’s not too late for you you are just right? Why do we set a barrier from the figure and froze before this barrier no, no. I can not. I will not jump I’m not a cowboy.

Maybe because around full of those who trots even more than we and vehemently denies us the ability to spit on the year of birth? Those who are skeptical about the lips Where do you climb in your old age? There is nothing more to do? In your certain age Those Who ennobles his cowardice mossy formulas Each ageits fun; everything has its time.

Women shy of age why are you so?

And how much do I look?a frightened awkward coquetry.

You look younger than your yearsa ridiculous compliment but it pleases.

For some reason, one must necessarily look younger than his years. Keep the presentation. Devalue the experience whichjewel. Zeroed instead to acquire. That’s really what is really stupid. Experience is not a burden. Experience is an opportunity.

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