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Traditional family a trap in which you want to be lured

Are you attracted by traditional values? Do you want to get married and become a housewife? Take care of her husband give birth and bring up children create an atmosphere of coziness in the house and bake pies? All this is very commendable desire of course but that’s no one you can not guarantee that it will always be. It can very very badly end.

Traditional family a trap in which you want to be lured

What is a traditional family?
If we talk about the traditions of our closest ancestors the traditional familyit’s just a family consisting of two adults and minors. Such families were with our parents grandparents. Actually we, too have not gone anywhere from this convenient model we have other options but these are rather exceptions that confirm the rule. We still see a family and it is perhaps well.

The problem is that this is not a traditional family because the tradition is to live in such a composition is too youngonly a few generations there is nothing to say. A real traditional family is a patriarchal family. The one in which several generations of relatives lived together led the household and raised children. The one in which the strict hierarchy was observed. The one whose head was a mana man who was subject to both women children and the elderly. Today we can not afford to live such a mini-community and we do not want to. We think, that several generations under one roof is a bust. We understand that there is no sense to drag into the modern world of tradition which ruin our lives wait a minute in the city with my mom dad grandparents, great-grandmothers uncles aunts and other seventh water to jellycrazy thou shalt matter it is impossible to to be alone. So why do we reasonably deny the possibility of living a traditional family now but are trying to return to the modern family the position of manthe main?

No you just do not want to live how your
Traditional family could not exist without men at all because without brute male force can not be farming. Perhaps although this is extremely difficult. The point is not that a woman is weaker the fact is that a woman recently, in principle, not considered to be a complete human being. Patriarchal society piously believed that chicken is a bird a woman not a man. The mana bridge between women and society in which she had no rights. A man is a protection yes a husband could beat his wife ( and more often it did), but from other men she was at least poorly protected. If a woman has not had a man she actually had no more right than an animal. And her daughters by the way too. Imagine that at any moment in your home can go a man from the street and rape youand it’s nothing for it will not you’re a lonely woman who needs you? That’s what the world looked like in the era of a traditional family. The evolution of women in movies housewife cutie careerist superheroine.

Why traditional family for a man?
What does the world look like now? If you do not go into details then in general, men and women have equal rights. You have an education you have a job you have the right to dispose of your property and the law protects you. Why do you need a man? To love him and create a family with him everything is right. If that’s what you want. But why should a man be its head? Is he more educated? No. Does he have opportunities that the woman does not have? No. He earns more? Is not a fact. On what basis does the man seek to gain some advantages over you?

The answer on the simple grounds that he’s lazy and arrogant type. On the ground he decided to get in the face of the woman free workers. Amazingly but still many women believe that the householdtheir care. For what reason? The majority of the country’s population lives in large cities and the working day for the majority looks quite the same public transport day in the office at the computer again public transportation. You work the same way so why should you get up to the machine on the second shift? Clean cook wash and iron while this body will play in Tanchiki. And then you have to tidy yourself up because you’re a woman, and in general you will not be beautifulhe will abandon you despite the borscht. Nice job yes?

Why traditional family for a woman?
Let’s see what you get in return oops nothing. In fact a man needs only to you at that moment when you decide to have a baby. Unfortunately not every salary allows to hire a nanny and thus you will live at her husband’s money until you get back to work. And this moment it will reproach you and even require that you served him better Well you’re sitting at home The fact that the child is in fact your overall project not taken into account. Children are women’s business. The master is tired, he is not up to it.

If you are now troubled, and thought What nonsense my not sowhich means that you are very, very lucky. Or does it mean that you’re just playing in the traditional family and the husband head only in words but in reality you at any moment you can send it with things on the way out and he knows it. Knows and does not get impudent. He is the same head as you are a Spanish pilot.

But after all, many women choose for themselves the role of wife mother and housewife. Have the right why not? This is a conscious choice and a conscious risk even if the man is the most faithful husband in the world it does not guarantee anything. He may lose his job. He can get sick. People are mortal and most importantly suddenly mortal. Being left alone with children in their arms without experience and can without a professionit’s scary but if you want to take a chance why not? This family model implies a very simple division of responsibilities he earns money it provides everything else. This is convenient especially if the couple plans to have more than one child. But the fact is that children are no longer an additional workforce and not a guarantee of full old age. Children today are the highest value for parents. Who said that the work which is occupied by a man more important work which is occupied by a woman? Who said that a man should be primarily on the ground that it contains all? Yes a woman of course must fulfill her dutiesif she voluntarily took them on herself. But why on earth should it become second number ? Not with any.

Where is the trap?
That’s why you should watch out for the man’s arguments about the traditional values ​​of the family. And before tying their fate to a man who is committed to tradition, think What is behind this? Well if he means a strong family and kids. And if he was going to be the head and patriarchyou know where it leads? Besides what are you going to work and then intricately killed on the field of the household. In addition that the education of children will fall on your shoulders completely. In addition it will reproach you with a piece of bread until you most of these children will nurture and educate. To that that during this period you will have to beg for money for a new lipstickand still good if not in seals. In addition that in this case you will live in fear what if he leave you? This is what the traditional family looks like in the modern world.

Fortunately we also have a family. Equal union of two people who love each other. And this union by the way does not at all make you the same. Equalyes. But femininity and masculinity do not disappear anywhere. This should be remembered when you once again sing about tradition.

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