Mann Mayal Episode 4 Promo Mannu Left Her home For Sallu

Watch Video Of Mann Mayal Episode 4 Promo. After the rejection Sallu was very disappointed. He was very sad whan he came back to home because he loves her and wants to marry her. His family members were also sad. He locked himself in room. On the other hand Mannu was angry on her family for all this. She was crying, because she do not want to lose sallu. She said to her father that she can not leave without Sallah-ud-deen and she is going his house. Father replied alright you can go if they are ready to accept you. On ther side Sallu asked her sister that Mannu will come here and she will not open the door. Sister says but why?, He replied because I am saying you. She denied and said i will open. At same time mannu nocked the door, she tried to open the dor but sallu stopped her.

In new Episode 4 promo you can see that Sallu called mannu and asked to meet him. She left her home and they went out on bike. They lef their homes for the love. I am extremely waiting to know that what will happened now. Watch The Promo of Mann Mayal Episode 4

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