What are the risks of electromagnetic pollution and how to protect them?

What are the risks of electromagnetic pollution and how to protect them?

There is much talk but little pollution electromagnetic pollution. This pollution is increasingly important especially with the increasing use of wireless devices.

the risks of electromagnetic pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is responsible for a disease known as the electromagnetic sensitivity or Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields with recognized symptoms such as real by WHO. Symptoms may include headache sleep disturbances level fatigue depression hypersensitivity and unstable blood pressure skin problems altered behavior hormonal imbalance among many others!

Excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves has proven effects on behavior change loss of attention and even memory including on children – far too exposed to wireless electronic equipment.

Also the WHO says there is a clear relationship between the risk of brain cancer and excessive mobile phone use.ect them?

How to protect electromagnetic waves?

To minimize the effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves, there are brands and boutiques like Goyavi.com that market products to protect against electromagnetic waves .

With products that enable blocking electromagnetic waves, and until the wave detectors, the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves wireless equipment used daily can better protect themselves.

In addition to reducing the use of equipment that generates magnetic waves, it is important to accurately measure the level of microwave equipment with which we live all the time in our everyday life, such as mobile phones, micro -nodes, computers or baby phones.

The accurate and precise measurement of the level of electromagnetic waves can be made with a high-performance sensor as the wave detector 23 ESI at good value, which tracks simultaneously and evaluate any electromagnetic pollution around us.

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