what exactly will not give your child?

what exactly will not give your child?

Every mother dreams that her baby is growing up healthy and it is in many respects depend on power. At the same time we all know it is difficult to feed the 3 6 year old picky useful when there are so many delicious! Is it possible to combine? Yes!

First we need to determine in general should include daily diet preschooler. First of all it is meat fish vegetables fruit and of course milk and milk products. Why the past so important? Let’s see!

what will not give your child?

At the age of 3 6 years the child is actively growing. Calcium which is found in dairy products ensures the timely recruitment of bone and muscle mass thereby preventing brittle bones scoliosis and other troubles often faced as a teenager. Every day the baby should eat 3 servings of dairy products! What could it be? A glass of sour milk kefir or yogurt if a child loves unsweetened dairy products or yogurt cottage cheese or milk porridge. It is important to remember that calcium is much worse absorbed by the body with a shortage of vitamin D therefore selecting products this aspect must be considered. So count if you follow the recommendations of pediatricians each day the child should get about 1000 milligrams of calcium and 10 micrograms of vitamin D. This means that every day a child needs to eat 600 grams of cottage cheese or drink 1 liter of milk or eat 900 grams of cod. Here is a little problem! How to be?

This is taken care of manufacturers of yoghurts and curds Rastishka which attracted the process of product development scientists Institute of Nutrition. One serving of any product provides a third of the child’s body daily for calcium and 15% Daily Value of vitamin D. It is important that all products Rastishka contains only natural ingredients as well as calcium and vitamin D. By the way in the formula yogurt and cottage cheese balanced sugar levels fairly sweet the baby ate it with pleasure Rastishka does not teach a child to overly sweet foods this is not a dessert and a full milk product which experts have created specifically for the growing organism taking into account their needs.

So how should look like child’s daily diet?

For breakfast you can offer your child yogurt or low fat cottage cheese with sour cream and berries how can you resist such beauty on a plate? Or rice or millet porridge with milk.

What to offer for lunch? An excellent choice is a vegetable soup vegetable salad and soft cheese stewed lean meat with a side dish or cereal steam cutlet with mashed potatoes. By the way if the tint mashed beetroot juice get the original and beautiful dish which the baby eats with great enthusiasm. And if you add to it superpolezny spinach young discoverer can imagine yourself sailor Popeye who gain superpowers eating a little spinach.

Afternoon snack is very important for a child but its role in the diet of a baby many parents underestimate. The needs of the growing child’s body for nutrients as well as macro and trace elements are very high and often habitual diet consisting of three meals it is not enough for the proper growth and development of the child.

Optimal variant for snack a fermented milk product which contains protein calcium and other nutrients. As a tasty and healthy snack between lunch and dinner is perfect cottage cheese Rastishka. If your baby will eat curds 1 for breakfast and 1 in the afternoon you can be sure that his growing body get up to 50% of daily calcium which is so necessary for the harmonious development.

It’s dinner time? Treat the kid cheese casserole with sour cream protein food should be light in the evening. Then the baby’s sleep will be calm and his digestive system will cope with all tasks.

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