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what to do if you are too amorous

You always fall in love with different men, and you change boyfriends like a glove? You start a new relationship with the thought It’s for a long time, But soon you realize that you fell in love with another? We know in what could be the cause of your amorousness.

what to do if you are too amorous

Every time when you fall in love do you honestly think that it’s forever. You and in your thoughts do not use the poor victim for their own purposes You will certainly be serious really and in three months you will fly to the ocean together. But in your blood so much freedom that it would be enough for a dozen girls. And as much energy in addition. You like to drive crazy males and you do it laughing. No, no this is not the cruel laughter of the predator which is evil for all men in the world. This is the carefree laughter of the dragonfly-dragonfly which is sure: a real man does not cry and does not suffer. He dignifies your we must part, silently withdraws and never returns.

Alas there are no quiet guys so you had to endure a couple of serious scandals. But they touched you a little. And if they touched then for a very short time.

There is an exit And most likely it will turn itself where you will meet the same man. You have just not grown to serious relationships and they are surely ahead. And while you are in their search try not to break the hearts of men too much.

Sports interest
Do you think that the more novels you have had so you experienced and sophisticated. And you like and want to be just this: experienced and experienced. At heart you too dream of finding true love but before you fall in love for real you want to experience all the facets of love.

The main thing in your situation is to stop in time. Especially if you begin to realize that you are too carried away. Experience is good but you should not make puppets out of people. Maybe your true love close to you right now?

Pikaper in a skirt
You probably heard about the men who with the help of his unearthly charm able to charm any girl spend the night with her and in the morning to disappear forever. The same tactics you chose for yourself. Why did this happen? Very likely you decided to take revenge on the male half of humanity for some old grudge. In the end Peter was really wrong when it is not given to you to play in a yellow dump truck in the sandbox

There is an exit It is possible to avenge the yellow tipper before the end of life and not to the concrete Pete but to the whole world. And you can spend time more fruitfully. Admit it you also want to be loved. Afford such weakness, and not to push another man who worships in your soul.

Complete disappointment
You’re not lucky. All your companions are really incredibly boring. No you do not fuss it just happens. Each your new novel is an attempt to find a simple female happiness but the attempt so far is unsuccessful.

There is an exit Still will be. Do not hang your nose and do not lose hope. And before you fall in love try to take a closer look closely to the person rather than rush into the pool with his head. It will be better for both of you.

The habit of falling in love in fact is not so harmful. Especially if it brings you joy even for a short time. Just try to fall in love and part with no devastating consequences for the other participants in the process. Do not break firewood and true love will one day come to your life.

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