Why can and should change their principles?

Why can and should change their principles?

Do not be afraid to change your opinion on one issue or another it will not make you giddy flighty or unprincipled person. About that why sometimes change the principles of a must says Alina Farkas.

Why can and should change their principles?

I noticed that many people believe that change the opinion indecent. Even ashamed. If it gives you a man in frivolous windy. And do not host his word. There you have the principle it means everything. Stick it to the end And what is it like today you think so tomorrow or else It is not good. Dishonesty.

I also often uncomfortable to admit that’s my opinion has changed. Especially when it comes to global issues. But at the same time the ability to revise the old principles admit mistakes and listen to the arguments of the other side I think is very important for their development. For seven years changing all the cells of the skin that is you become just another man It would be strange to have the same ideals and notions of the right to twenty five and thirty five So what has changed in me over the past ten years?

The delicacy with respect to fertility issues

At twenty five I could easily ask Do you want a baby? Or How many children do you want? The fact is I got pregnant after the first unprotected sex in my life and all the talk mom and her friends were about that the children appear literally from one careless glance. That is I guess that in the world there are women who can not become pregnant at the very moment when they want a child but they seemed to me something very distant and unrealistic. One in a million.

Over the past ten years my friends have gone through numerous unsuccessful eco miscarriages stillborn child labor long term infertility at the absolute health of both partners the death of the first three babies immediately after birth and much more. Suddenly that around the incredible number of women who for various reasons can not have children. My daughter was born seven and a half years after his first son. Prior to that almost five years we were not protected I had a missed abortion and only after all this we suddenly born blue eyed little girl. And this we can say the easiest option given the fact that we have to do anything particularly did not treated were not surveyed did not expect every month with a sinking heart. And there were plenty of those who did all of this and much more.

So now I’m talking about children careful like a minefield. Because even if people already have a child it does not mean that that they can easily give birth to the next. And that this topic will not be for them a painful wound bleeding.


At twenty five I said this I’m not a feminist but … At thirty five I of course a feminist. And strange to me as a decent and adequate man can not be her. About ten years ago in the Cosmo was a material where foreign men operating in Russia expressed their opinions about Russian women. Most spoke standard then that from them and waiting for the most beautiful very feminine mysterious Russian soul and all that. A Frenchman scored. He said something like Russian women love to pretend to be weak. Our office is often necessary to bring the boxes from the warehouse they weigh from five to ten kilograms. And Russian collaborators tear their male colleagues from work so they told them necessary. But it is strange and illogical Women wear their children Five kilograms usually weighs two or three children which seems to them to light as a feather A box of the same weight they even tear off the floor can not be

Then me the Frenchman seemed terribly ugly and nasty. And in general not a man . Now I have a puzzling gender games of the series I can not pick up a package from the supermarket screw in a light bulb and drive home a cockroach. Almost as strong like I can not cook even the most primitive have no maternal instinct and so I can not change my diaper baby and iron men’s shirts it is the duty of women

I believe that there are a lot of couples who like role playing games are delivered a lot of fun we often do they play for example in ninety cases out of a hundred the wine opens and pours her husband and lays the laundry in the laundry myself. But in general we are aware of the fact that this is no more than the traditional game of boy and girl. The main thing do not play too long. Because it’s often at this Oh woman lovely creation which decorate our lives I do not allow them to pay for themselves in cafes and wear anything harder clutch skryvayutsya Pretty terrible things which I would not want to have his family. For example the lovely creatures have no right to make important decisions and have a huge list of the provisions of their female duties .


Everything is simple until recently I was active for the legalization and for what that everyone has the right to dispose of his body on my own. Moreover legalization would make the business safer and will clean out crime. All this I thought exactly to the moment not yet read numerous studies that that prostitutes even of the most prosperous countries where there is the very legalization level of stress and psychological trauma is comparable with the stress and trauma of the soldiers just returned from hotspot. That is ten out of ten. And according to my ideas of good and evil can not be used infinitely injured person even if he says that he does not mind.

In general the revision of the ideas and principles it is a good thing. It helps to see the path which you passed. And it gives courage to the new changes. After all if you do not change then you are we can say is dead.


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