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Why do people need it t share their emotions?

Why do people need it t share their emotions?

The very wording of sharing emotions seems strange to some people. Share offer the person a part of something what you’ve got. Something he needed useful or at least pleasant. I have a lot take it do not be shy. And okay if it’s a fun story or a joyful event. And the story of your dismissal promotion or divorce how useful to your friend?

Restraint and the ability to solve problems on their own not whining and not loading the surrounding people with such people is perceived as an exceptional dignity. To me it is bad but I smile I speak about weather and sales: Well unless I not the good fellow? Do not I protect my loved ones from negativity?

The answer is not at all straightforward. If we are talking about really close people and not about tired colleagues during the deadline. The fact is that relatives and lovers often really feel us our condition mood resentment or sadness. But without finding confirmation they begin to worry. You dismiss it: It’s all right bullshit. You have a great handbag! And the interlocutor feels anxious: something is wrong. Maybe he does not deserve your trust? Or offended without noticing it? Often to ask for help we are prevented by the fear of being a failure: Everything is bad for me I’m not fit for anything. Fear of failure: it turns that friend whom I trusted does not deserve ? Or a bad experience: she told me about the secret and you laughed in the face.

Yes it is always difficult to ask. But the true closeness assumes that this man you can be anyone even vulnerable weak uncertain. Empathy is a necessary basis for strong relations. Of course if it does not turn into manipulation. And tell me honestly what would you prefer: to listen to a friend now or find out later about her problems from others? Surely she would also like to be your confidant. And if you do not solve the problem then help you decide.

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