Why do we lose friends?

Why do we lose friends?

We’re losing a bunch of friends over the years , but this process is inevitable and it is absolutely normal. And for those , who doubts and does not want to put up with it , we will list a few good reasons.

Why do we lose friends?

1. You were moving in different directions

As often happens , your old friend once gets you not on the road. Just friendship has done its job , when you were both need each other at a certain time , and now it’s time to leave.

2. You are no longer an effort

Let’s face it: in order to maintain a friendship , this needs to work. But if you work on every friendship , which you have , the time for yourself you just will not. Not please everyone!

3. You were not really friends

Some people put too much emphasis on the word ” friendship”, although their relations were in fact nothing more than a friendly. Think , perhaps , you were just friends?

4. Some of you came into a serious relationship

Friendship ends Often , when a person is immersed in a serious relationship and focus on his family. If this happened to your friend , you must understand it and do not be offended.

5. One of you said the brutal truth

As a real friend. That’s just the other was this totally unprepared. You did the right thing , if you tell the truth , but be prepared to pay for it is your friendship.

6. You received one negative

We all know people , chat with one that brings negativity. It is not normal , and you should not do anyone any favors. If their negative impact on you , it is time to leave.

7. Social Networks you confused

Many people quite seriously consider ” friends” of social media with their real friends. Do not make these mistakes, and do not exaggerate the importance of social networks.

8. Some people are too touchy

Nobody is perfect , and even your best friends make mistakes. So , what we consider a trifle , for another person may be totally unacceptable. Sometimes we lose friends because of absurd resentments , but such is life!

9. One of you is no longer needed

The brutal truth: some people are friends with you only as long , as long as it suits them. Learn to distinguish people , who consider you my friend just because , that see this as just his personal benefit.

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