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Why do you need to share you problems

Why do you need to share you problems

The first and underlying cause is the search for support. It hurts not only trouble but also a sense of isolation even in small things. Everyone is happy and getting ready for a long summer weekend and I cough and sit at home in a scarf and woolen socks. So I’m not like everyone else dropped out of the team nobody needs and is not clear with their problems. And at this moment it is important to hear it is not so. Also always useful to know that you are not alone in their experiences: from a friend your friend’s husband flirts in social networks and my mother in his youth did not freeze cold. It is because of the desire to participate in forums so often create thematic groups of comrades in misfortune: once someone was like that, this is normal. And if that someone was able to overcome misfortune or trouble then and I can.

The second reason is the desire to understand yourself. Do not get advice in its purest form but when you voice and reason out loud it’s better to understand the situation to look at it from the other side.

In the worst case, it turns into a game of Yes but, when a person rejects all advice. Change work? But I’m getting so used to the new. Talk to the boss? But he will not hear me. Man’s task in this case – to strengthen the idea that his position is hopeless inaction optimal but still get emotional strokes.

But there is another option much more productive: we are waiting for support when we are afraid to recognize our own opinion as true. And in this case, the most wise will appear that advice which meets our internal needs.

If the problem is really serious one of the stages of her experience is speaking. Children often play in the strange or frightening that they have experienced or seen. Or draw it. Adults – tell other adults.

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