Why we all urgently need to relax?

Why we all urgently need to relax?

Many of us are difficult to understand as much as possible to give up a promising job or a big payday for the peace of mind and personal comfort. Alina Farkas explains why it does not just need to understand but it is desirable to do.

urgently need to relax

Recently I spoke with a woman friend she was director of the department in a large corporation. She complained of the young staff said that absolutely does not understand them. After all, clever finished excellent universities with excellent grades language pair, ideally a wonderful experience impressive internships bright minds we have such initial conditions in our time And do not want to work No not lazy do gladly interesting but for example when applying for a job in the spring of say they plan to leave in the winter to go to India for a master class of a famous yoga. There will be two months to meditate in silence. Or refuse to stay at work when burning a project because it helps a dog shelter. Walking their dogs On doggies friend sighed especially bitter.

Even their friends social life it is necessary to go to his grandmother and a million other different things. Working among them, too, there is but not in the first place. It is somewhere among the rest. You see, explains to me director of the department, at them with their education their brains such prospects They could build an incredible career And they yoga and dogs . And they want free schedule and get enough sleep.

I at this moment recollect an anecdote about a black man who was lying quietly under a palm tree and ate bananas giving up a lot of prospects and work hard to thirty years to be able to lie down under a palm tree and eat bananas. I have a feeling that after a period of use, a period of moderation. I find it difficult to judge his reasons here it is in a financial crisis, or is that these modern twenty years have grown gentle parents who instilled in them the idea that the internal harmony and happiness is more important than personal effectiveness and career achievements?

It is not downshifting in the literal sense of the word it is something else. Respect for yourself and others? Offset values? My peers, too, quietly moving in the wrong direction. Dreams Come True. Programmer enrolled to study at the Art Institute. She was accepted without examination simply as a result of works surprised both with so much talent could live up to thirty five, and not to make drawing. The designer has been a steep hairdressers school she was a child, and everyone around sheared from childhood dreamed about it but who would have allowed a girl from a decent educated family to go to hairdressing vocational ? Girlfriend with two honors and a thesis a former top manager working manicure. Very, very expensive manicure and wildly happy always wanted it but decided to only closer to thirty. Familiar publisher agreed to remote work and went for two years in Spain to study at some famous cooking school. A whole year preparing the documents wrote essays taught language and still got a grant to study which seemed quite impossible wild and crazy imagination. One of my most talented classmates from the Moscow State University Journalism School moved to a warm country and washes dishes in a small cafe. Right hands and rejoices as a child. The dinner goes to bathe in the sea it is two steps away from work. After work, riding a bicycle on a hot Southern town drinking cocktails dancing on the roofs he kisses her husband their salary is enough on this for more than a happy life.

That friend of mine which began this conversation a little sigh it is a pity that she is not married yet at the university. All her colleagues who managed to find a family to work lucky. And then there is almost no chance a twelve hour working day the endless trips often work on weekends. She comes home and falls on the bed very much like at the same time to bury a cat but the cat with her schedule is a luxury. It is necessary for the German and she found a teacher specifically on Skype the other end of the planet because the only time that it can allocate for this purpose six thirty in the morning.

At the same time discussing the common friend who teaches Japanese calligraphy and engaged just for the beauty and because they like it. The friend did not approve of and I, too difficult for us to accept the idea that something so impractical, you can spend that amount of time and money. And both of us a little bit jealous of that because we have so many freedoms to learn to be content with very small so it frees resources for us to really interesting activities.

What would you took if you did not have to earn? I ask. And then he adds I would have walked drank tea with friends and would write his first novel All my life I wanted to write a novel. A friend thinks and suddenly looks at me with horror I do not know. I never, never in my life did not do that what you want only that it is necessary and right. I even my big salaries do not spend and invest wisely saving up for some reason.

It seems to me that she wanted to cry but does not dare. He sighs frowns says Can you imagine recently, one man refused a place in the company because he had to work to go two o’clock He says he does not want to spend four hours a day on the road he had the bride and he wants more time on the relationship. Crazy some right? I ponder this thought weigh and understand that no I could not just as he is. Abandon very promising very cash and to be honest cool operation because of the relationship or personal comfort no we have not been taught this. Mom would not understand this. And I would not have understood her husband. And a son. How can we not seek to earn more climb higher? ..

Although only the last two years, five of my friends are dead husbands. All healthy and sports all to forty. Just a sudden rapid heart or cancer. We all need a modicum of relaxation. And lie under a palm tree with banana now rather than thirty years later in fact they may never come. At least for a short while a smidgen but to lie down. And relax.

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