why we are suffering because of what has happened?

why we are suffering because of what has happened?

People obviously too much worried about that can happen. Moreover I am sure the excitement of the problems and misfortunes which ever may come to pass disturbed people much more than a real problem.

It all starts with the fact that the person is in the forward looking institute rather than one which is pleasant. And then suddenly he will not be able to earn money in order that is pleasant. Or even earlier when the crying baby does not take the handle so as not to succumb to his manipulation. Because once succumb he concluded and all Thirty years later he takes you to retire and make a home television to drink with his pals. Because we all know that all begins with a pen and then Yeah. Grow selfish and cold blooded manipulators thinking only of themselves.

Or sex how many girls in the world are denied to men not because they do not want. And because they are afraid that he will think ill of them? I personally know many, many of these. And among them are adults successful and even doctoral degrees. But What if he decides I am so with all? Or Men do not appreciate it they easily gets.

Or so I for example a bunch of times first put up with people even if they were to blame. And they did not ask for forgiveness, and not have to put up they were afraid. Suddenly I have offended? What if I do not forgive? Even if the quarrel was the most that neither is trifling. Even if I did not know that we had a falling out, or I should be offended Story takes place in a fantasy opponent.

I also love but even in thirteen years, my mind turned the one girl from summer camp. She was smart and very ugly but was friends with the cool boys camp. And unlike other girls I never, never propped walls discos. One day she took pity and opened a secret ran up to us with her friends between dances What do you mean such beauty and stand alone See like a lot of good boys around And they all shy Each of them will be happy if you invite them. Well happy, not happy is unknown but the fact that no boy would not refuse you in the dance and then he will start to invite more and more it became evident after a little experimentation.

This story is not about the fact that not born beautiful and be born active. And as for the Buy a lottery ticket and better to do and regret what not to do and regret. And yet to solve problems as they become available. ABOUT You have no idea as I suffered a few years before the birth of his son. I was pretty sure that such a mumbler like me for nothing can not raise a child able to stand up for themselves. I vividly imagined how my offend all kindergarten and sandbox. And I do, I can do nothing

… Needless to say that after the birth of his son, I had to cry about exactly the opposite he fought robbed toys and generally behave with others as the young terrorist. Even in a nightmare I could not imagine being a mother the boy who offends the other children

However I quickly changed tactics and began to go crazy because that my boy will be the main bully in school the teacher it is clear can not understand how clever he is he will begin to act out of spite will follow the curve of the track … And now I already wear their fantasies parcels in prison. If I had someone said that this fighter will grow boring honors and amateur school discipline I would never have believed it

And the husband. I thought for a long time that such a wonderful husband I certainly given by mistake. And soon, this error will be revealed and it will be taken back. It may not be the same to sort of a miracle and I ? Surely there must be some kind of trick I do not know my husband is survived the first couple of years I have lived every day as the last. Not in the sense of merriment and in that sense I’m always prepared mentally whether to parting either to some unpleasant surprise is not the same kind of happiness to last forever? ..

But far from me to one of my girlfriend she is, in principle, does not allow men to help themselves. In anything even a heavy wardrobe from carries herself. The logic is this He will help me I will melt chill get used to it and then he hop And leave me. How am I going to get used back to self reliance? Better to itself so reliable.

Or for example money. I know a lot of people who for years did not dare buy anything good because I do not want to get into the nest egg. Not that they saved for an apartment or on a journey into space. It’s just that they have the feeling that the money may come to an end at any time and basically the history of our country shows that their fears are not groundless. But it also shows that one way or another all survive survive and get out. And that, in the difficult years you remember about interesting travel good food and beautiful clothes with joy and not with regret. So if you want to for a long time something good but you do not dare simply grip it and buy it. If you are able to earn the money the other can.

With such fears but with this anxiety very easy to operate. Firstly it is necessary to think that the worst can happen. And what will you do in this the worst situation. And often it turns out that leaves a lot. And the situation is not so terrible if it is to make out details. Secondly it is important to have a plan B, If I come out on a date but he does not come then I’ll call her friends and together we will go to a bar to drink cocktails and flirting. And plan B If he comes and will be unpleasant I’ll pretend that she received an urgent sms from her mother and she will go home to lie in a bath with foam and watching soap operas. And finally go to bed early.

But in my experience that life it’s so ironic and diverse that none of us do not have enough imagination to foresee all the muck inconsistencies ridiculous situations and other she invents for us. So what is the point to think and worry in advance? It is necessary to keep the forces of order to worry about when all this will happen In general think about it tomorrow.

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