Why women are opposed to feminism?

Feminism is fight for the rights of women but many women in our country do not support, and even oppose. Why? Let’s look at the most popular arguments.

Why women are opposed to feminism

Not surprisingly the majority of women in Indian do not understand, and even denounce feminists. With whom to take an example? We do not have their own Beyonce Emmy Uotson and Meril Strip who have publicly said Elena Mizulina. What do we expect from the company even if that public woman and one of the few in power states Women matter to bear and raise children and science and education leave for men. We need the Orthodox healthy girl not pale Zauchka feminists. Our feminism has no face so even the most intelligent of us sometimes give.

Why do they all fight?

Formally, India have equal rights for the Genres but the discriminate against the weaker Genre. For equal work with men, we get a lower price we are officially banned 456 jobs victims of domestic violence do not find protection and victims often not considered victims. And even some of these examples are not convincing Prohibited occupations are dangerous I still would not have chosen them. A battered wife are to blame. Marry cattle and then complain I have no such problems I am surrounded by wonderful man And it is perhaps the truth. Those who profess such lucky to be born and grow up in a decent environment and the right to set up an internal filter to easily cut off disadvantaged in all senses of men. But can it be regarded as an achievement? No. Rather luck. Achievement the ability to understand that those who are not lucky yet not fools themselves to blame. Achievement to get the hang of empathy and enter the position of the less fortunate women. Fortunately some with age aware of the real situation and to engage in a struggle for the rights of the disadvantaged.

It’s against our nature

Some opponents of feminism believe that women who are fighting for their rights try to cheat nature. Mol evolution would have it to the male dominated there is no point to argue. Pointless just to compare man with the animals. Firstly different mammalian species characterized by different patterns of relationship. And if mankind formed only one model there would be no marriage harem species or punishment for adulterers. But they are there because there is a tendency to polygamy. Monogamy has established itself in the civilizations of only one reason people consciously chose her. It is advantageous by the way is the man. The only way he could be sure that feeds their young. The woman is not so important to be protected by a single person because taking care of her child would help the community.

I do not want to decide anything

Many are convinced that the essence of feminism to become such a man around. And it means to lose the benefits which promises to patriarchy men of gallantry of life for her husband like a stone wall, the opportunity to work for the sake of fun and be a true woman beautiful and carefree. Those who are afraid of losing the status of weak do not understand they were lucky to get cookies but do not taste the patriarchal whip. In the entire history of the world in women did not have as many opportunities to be ‘ girl girl’, as it is today because feminism gives freedom. But the girl who does not want to decide anything she wants to dress, uses his weakness only so long until the young. Patriarchy does not forgive a woman aging and fading. Courtship soon will replace the destination and it will have to come to terms with the role of berry again. And it is in the best case. In the worst it will cease to exist at all men.

Do not bother me to be a mother

Against feminism often serve women who consider motherhood main goal in life. In their view feminists devalue offer reproductive labor bore throw the baby and go to work like a man We are for equality But equality means that one Genre should not infringe on the other. And his mother who once was unlucky to contact with domestic tyranny often does not remain free of all mature personality features. Regarding the right to motherhood then we have it thanks to feminism. The right but not the obligation After all, before gestation birth and parenting women consider it my duty which she could not perform.

A woman’s happiness, then where?

Why do so many strong women remain indifferent when it comes to defending our rights? They all made themselves and not because of but in spite of. They managed to break through the glass ceiling and head to take masculine position. Enough determination to get rid of an alcoholic husband abyuzera or devourer of resources and most children grow. Now they do not share the idea of protecting slabachek Here I am a simple Indian woman all overcome. And others that interferes with in addition to their laziness and cowardice And indeed wonder why else and feminism? And so happiness then there is no love man, too normal some goats around. The problem is that these iron lady though and broke the patriarchal model of the world are still in it. In this model the strong woman is not a woman at all is a man in a skirt. And as long as it remains within the framework of this model it is doomed either to loneliness or an alliance with a man who was also like her changed his role with only male to female. It is a vicious circle but he has a way out an equal partnership. That it defends feminism.

Now, hello sister

Since there were feminists it took a little over a hundred years. In terms of history it is not enough our minds are not rebuilt. And if you are opposed to feminism we are not against you. Feminism it is a struggle for women’s rights. You are a woman. We are on your side. Perhaps you later decide whether to join ready. While try to live according to the principle of Support other. Bad peace is better than a good war.

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