Will Mikal Accept Mannu – Mann Mayal Episode 5

Will Mikal Accept Mannu after meeting her teacher, it is the main question abut Mann Mayal Episode 5 which is coming tonight. Mannu is very possessive for her love, she do not care about anyone. She asked Mikal that he have to meet her teacher then he will decide if Mikal is a good life partner for me or not. Mikal was shocked when he listen her all these from her. He said now I will definitely meet your teacher, I want to know who is he and what he has that. You have such believe on him. He asked please tell me one thing. mannu replied what?. He asked if the teacher rejected me then what will you do. She said if it happens then you have to like any other girl for marriage.

Will Mikal Accept Mannu - Mann Mayal Episode 5

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