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Winter Hibernation – Where to find motivation, if too lazy to do everything

Winter a real stress for the body. Constantly tends to sleep get out from under the blanket do not want to. And you have to go to work. Cosmo with the online service performers personal services YouDo.com gathered effective ways which will help to focus on the challenges and find inspiration.

Winter Hibernation - Where to find motivation, if too lazy to do everything

Set goals for the future
Start with setting tasks. The beginning of the year is excellent for this. Try not to use the general formulations Get more or Learn English they will quickly forget.

Formulate goal because to the desire to achieve it you have started to run goose bumps. For example Sign up for a modern ballet and at the end of the year for the first time perform on stage. Or By June, become the head of your department.

Find an example to follow
Whose success inspires you? Maybe you like Meghan Markle you want to meet a real prince? Or do you dream of becoming the new Marissa Mayer and conquering the IT sphere? Maybe you think that your YouTube-channel make you a new Marian Roe?

As Woody Allen said 80% of success is the ability to appear at the right time and in the right place. Analyze the behavior of your idol what kind of people surround him how he managed to succeed, and take it into service.

Choose an installation for growth
Perhaps unwillingness to work is not due to the winter but with the fact that you got bored with your job or you tread on one site. Understand what needs to change to reach a new level.

Set a bar for yourself to which you will strive. In psychology, this is called setting for growth. It allows you to treat any task as an opportunity to learn something improve your skill, comments Gregory a psychologist performer of YouDo.com.

Encourage yourself
When there is no mood to work try to raise it yourself. Sometimes it takes very little. Go into the coffee shop on the way to the office and grab a cup of your favorite coffee with a croissant.

If something does not work out encourage yourself I will be able to cope with this task Before the end is very little It was a useful lesson. Simple phrases help you tune in and save energy for effective work.

Start small
Remember your most difficult task this month. At first it was scary but then you did it and now you are proud of your achievement. It is necessary to begin simply.

To cope with a difficult task break it into small steps. After completing a small part you will be happy with yourself and you will be able to move forward. Small victories give the right attitude.

Imagine the reward for the result
For any person feedback is important so the hope to get a high rating of work charges and motivates the most. Psychologists call this positive strokes.

Imagine that you have finished work showed it to his boss and he praised you for it it will give strength to complete the task.

Strenuous work is important in time to dilute the rest. Do not take a working laptop home for the weekend better spend free time with friends on the rink go with your loved one on Star Wars or just stay in silence.

Music helps me to focus on my work. I have a few collections which help to concentrate. And I motivate myself with money and plans for the future. Sometimes it was very tired and you need to work. Then I promise myself half an hour of doing nothing. Or for example going on a trip and at a time of extreme fatigue, I say to myself Dasha Italy And I continue to work, comments Daria designer and performer of YouDo.com.

Train motivation like muscles in fitness to always go to work in a good mood and achieve success.

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