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Women often regret lost beauty

Women often regret lost beauty. How dazzling they were in their youth what roses fell at their feet what kind of gentlemen. And now you’ll go up to the mirror – well, it’s stinking now the thick Greek nose has become potatoes the growth has decreased ten centimeters and the facial features have broken proportions and crawled wherever. The feeling of a phantom beauty goes so far that will convince even the photos: there just a bad light it’s me after the birth but here faded but I was a fire.

Only the last villain will take away from women the myth even if it poisons and devalues it what we have now. All right, I would boast with quiet pride who will condemn? But most of all she hated herself present and along with those who broke her life be crumpled beauty and self-esteem trampled on to such an extent that now even a mirror to show it.

Men like to compose a dashing past all wounded the nineties the movie Boomer and just the surrounding reality full of blood money and shame. But we will forget the latter in detail leaving only adventures: almost all were bandits even the smallest literally from the age of thirteen went “to hang about”. There must be a battle scar from the swing in the box there is a case of “Makarov”, which in the ninety-sixth had to be thrown into the river there was mokruha on it. A terrible gang from which it hardly came out, was conducted with all due respect but could have been in the woods and a bullet in the back of the head. There are even brothers from the past literally six months ago they were announced but yesterday the news came there is no more Fedka Kosolapogo we will mention peasants a serious man.

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